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Motorcycle sales are gaining momentum in India as individuals consider that the main mode of transport, ... Incomes are on the rise, finance is available everywhere and that helps a motorcycle purchase.

Dr. Sanjay K. Jha

Motorcycling is an unparalleled way to see this beautiful country. I always wanted a motorcycle waiting at each airport.

John Garwood

This is a real cool thing. The motorcycle is the symbol of freedom.

Tukufu Zuberi

High interest rates have affected car and motorcycle sales. The high interest rate climate has affected consumer demand; retail sales have been affected.

Henry Ho

Car traffic was the most dangerous part I got run over by a car and crashed the motorcycle.

Laren Poole

It's been a very solid motorcycle company.

Gino Lucarelli

She had expressed concern ... at the foolhardiness of the motorcycle riders, not for the safety of the vehicle she was traveling in.

Paul Handley

That's the difference in intensity between the sound made by a vacuum cleaner and the sound of a motorcycle engine.

Dean Garstecki

And it will be exciting to be located in the Motor City's hotbed of hot rod and motorcycle enthusiasts just blocks from the famous Woodward Avenue.

Chip Foose

He was driving his motorcycle. It was a warm evening.

Suzan Spadaro

The corporate facilities that we have here are as good as anywhere in Australia and the motorcycle people are certainly going to enjoy those.

Malcolm Campbell

We'll never raise enough money with motorcycle rides, but we can raise awareness.

Don Royer

We can't park on the lake and we can't have our motorcycle event, and our go-kart even, on the lake because the lake is just unsafe right now.

Don Herman

In this particular incidence involving a motorcycle with a sidecar, we believe he was operating under the law.

Bob Martinez

Riding a motorcycle is ten percent hands and feet and ninety percent mind and eyes.

Cliff Brown

Reduce the speed limit from 25 to 15 (miles per hour), establish double fines and assign a motorcycle unit that can generate more money.

Jeff Waters

I was going to take his [Evans' son] electric motorcycle out of the car and I opened the trunk and it was gone.

Eric Evans

I told him he could have it. If he gave me a new house. Or a new motorcycle.

Eddie Perez