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If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.

Anita Roddick

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What they have in common is living in an area that exposed them to at least one infected mosquito that transmits the disease.

Alfred Demaria

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We're going to engage in a pretty aggressive [mosquito] spraying program with the boards of health advising us as to how we might do that safely.

Dana Parker

The belief is growing on me that the disease is communicated by the bite of the mosquito... She always injects a small quantity of fluid with her bite - what if the parasites get into the system in this manner.

Ronald Ross

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If they could contain that drainage within that property and not create a mosquito-drawing nuisance, then, yes, that would be a way to dispose of it.

Bryan Wagner

Eradication is probably not something we talk about in regard to mosquito-borne diseases right now. If anything disappears it will probably be on its own accord and not because we've directly been trying to eradicate it.

Dawn Wesson

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About 99 percent of the black flies that fly around your face are females. They act like the mosquito in that they require a blood meal.

Joe Brancato

I don't think anybody believes that [with] an infected horse or an infected dog, a mosquito that feeds on those animals is going to pick up the virus, there's just too little of it there.

Richard Bowen

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As far as full-scale [mosquito] problems, we haven't had any because of the dry weather.

Dennis Moore

We have seen increased mosquito activity in parts of the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Thomas Frieden

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It will increase the number of mosquitoes and the risk of mosquito-related diseases. It is a concern.

Roger Nasci

It's funny. I went to a bowling convention and the bowling industry now calls me the 'Mosquito Man.' They even had me speak at a seminar for bowlers on promotional ideas.

Roger Taylor

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The fact that the parasite manipulates the mosquito to this extent can help to explain the incredibly intense transmission of malaria.

Jacob Koella

That's a myth. No mosquito is going to bite a decaying body. Decaying bodies don't defecate.

Robert Edelman

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Outside the United States there are hundreds of millions of cases of mosquito-borne diseases. It's just huge in terms of the magnitude.

Dawn Wesson

Have a pretty blase attitude to mosquito bites -- so do I.

Lucy Davis

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The more standing water you have, the greater the probability for mosquito populations to develop.

Vicki Kramer

I think I had somewhere around 24 spots. I thought something like a mosquito had gotten into the house and bit me.

Zachary Smith

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