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If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.

Anita Roddick

We had some freezes, but not the prolonged kind of freezing that would help with mosquito problems this spring.

Sam Shamburger

They have so much more water to breed in. Then 10 days after that, it takes larvae 10 to 20 days to become adult mosquito.

Scott Gibbs

We're going to engage in a pretty aggressive [mosquito] spraying program with the boards of health advising us as to how we might do that safely.

Dana Parker

Before August or July, it's another situation. But on the other hand, my family is avoiding mosquito bites.

Wayne Andrews

If they could contain that drainage within that property and not create a mosquito-drawing nuisance, then, yes, that would be a way to dispose of it.

Bryan Wagner

With abundant rain and warmer temperatures, mosquito populations could be large.

Aaron Devencenzi

About 99 percent of the black flies that fly around your face are females. They act like the mosquito in that they require a blood meal.

Joe Brancato

Along that dark gray line you can see that mosquito netting has been put against the windows but for now it doesn't allow mosquitoes in but in the future it won't allow any small birds or maybe even bugs .

Cal Sandfort

As far as full-scale [mosquito] problems, we haven't had any because of the dry weather.

Dennis Moore

We're sleeping in a hammock with tubes of mosquito netting. It's too hot, too wet and too full of crawly things to sleep on the ground.

Howie Nielsen

It will increase the number of mosquitoes and the risk of mosquito-related diseases. It is a concern.

Roger Nasci

The mosquito knows full well that he is small, he is a beast of prey.

David Herbert Lawrence

The fact that the parasite manipulates the mosquito to this extent can help to explain the incredibly intense transmission of malaria.

Jacob Koella

If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito.

Betty Reese

Outside the United States there are hundreds of millions of cases of mosquito-borne diseases. It's just huge in terms of the magnitude.

Dawn Wesson

If the water is turbulent, the mosquito larvae won't make it to the top to suck in air.

James Wright

The more standing water you have, the greater the probability for mosquito populations to develop.

Vicki Kramer