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I had a monumental idea this morning, but I didn't like it.

Samuel Goldwyn

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It's not for anyone who is faint of heart. It's a monumental effort to keep these animals.

Tippi Hedren

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I think this is a monumental move by our state. This acknowledges our African-American history. This is a huge deal for a state that is 2 percent black.

Betty Andrews

The Global Achievement Award was intended for an individual who has made a monumental worldwide contribution to the field of stem cells and regenerative medicine.

Bernard Siegel

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Incredibly monumental turning point in the history of a movement.

The Assembly

It's a monumental difference than what we forecasted.

Judy Preston

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It's such a monumental achievement. Jones really set what became the standard for all golfers.

Martin Davis

The underreporting of this disease is monumental. Physicians don't even consider it when they treat adults for persistent cough.

Joel Ward

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This is a totally different game. We're looking up at a giant here, no question. It will take a monumental effort.

Jack Cosgrove

Were there times when I felt that? Yeah. It had to do with the 10th floor, where the commissioners' offices are. The offices up there got to be a little on the monumental side.

Richard Stogner

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Religion is a monumental chapter in the history of human egotism.

William James

Twenty wins is monumental for us. We knew it was coming up and we talked about it. Being this close really probably had something to do with the start of the game.

Dan Stander

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This is a major vote and a major step on the way to fulfilling the dream of bringing the stadium back to campus. This is historic and I would argue a monumental vote.

Robert Bruininks

They were booked on that flight. It's a monumental tragedy.

David Black

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This is a monumental step for Santa Rosa Junior College, because it is a direct statement that it is changing from a one-campus to a two-campus college.

Doug Garrison

This is very a monumental day. A lot of people thought this would never happen.

Dave Snyder

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They have made monumental progress, in my opinion.

Hugh Jones

For a while there it was looking like Casey was going to get a monumental win. What a confidence booster that would have been.

Jeff Slayton

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The monumental choices this election was supposed to be about were actually decided beforehand. This election came to be a measure of confirmation of this choice.

Yaron Ezrahi

This is just monumental and historic and huge in some regards. And we're in Lent right now, so that makes it extra special.

Robert Cerundolo

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