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These forces should be adequate to help meet the rights of citizens to walk peaceably and safely without injury or loss of life from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.

Lyndon B. Johnson

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Apparently the spanking we gave them in Birmingham was not sufficient. We will have to do a better job in Montgomery.

Donald Watkins

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(McNulty and myself have) platforms that run hand in hand - I think the only difference is experience. I'm really pushing my experience in Montgomery County in this race.

Matt Masden

You only got 30 days of free speech in Montgomery County.

Richard Griffiths

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Betty Montgomery believes the money should be given to the Bureau of Workers' Compensation. That's why she did that. Others apparently have different opinions.

Mark Weaver

Having companies from France, China and Mexico settling in our area is a big shot in the arm for East Montgomery County. Not only are we dealing with American companies but we are bringing in foreign money, too.

Isidor Ybarra

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We knew that Montgomery was way out of reach. We were just going to try to play good golf.

Vicki Castino

The life that is written about in Uncle Tom's cabin was the Montgomery County component.

Peggy Erickson

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Brad has shown exceptional leadership in Montgomery, and I'm looking forward to having him work with our banking franchise across the state and in the Florida panhandle.

Andy Stein

It appears as though they stopped in Atlanta, coming from the north. The shooting occurred about 12:15 a.m. on the 21st, and then eight hours later another shooting occurred in Montgomery, Alabama.

Richard Pennington

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It'll be nice to be able to stay here for tournaments. We usually have to go to Columbus or Montgomery because there are not enough courts or they aren't nice enough.

Becky Richardson

We hope (Kane and Montgomery) come here at some time, but we'll have to see.

Mark Hunter

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This a great thing we can do for kids in East Montgomery County.

Frank Mccrady

I am a big Bewitched fan... something about the way Elizabeth Montgomery twitched her nose.

Barry Williams

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Montgomery is only about a 45-minute drive to the front door of our home, ... If I took the job, it meant I could go home every night.

Jim Allen

They didn't miss (Montgomery). She wasn't open.

Pat Bowlin

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The whole of Montgomery County has called, including every school district and people from every corner. It has been a really neat thing.

Kelly Thompson

We are strong, we are well prepared...to continue to meet the needs of Montgomery County.

Thomas Carr

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The 'build out' has been more robust and more active in Montgomery than in the other two jurisdictions, but it's ramping up.

Jim Gordon

We would be the Montgomery Moose Lodge.

George Weber

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