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We were getting misinformed. He is more aware now. He was up and walking around, and he could talk.

Crystal Williams

A slap in the face to the County Commission and to all the people that you misinformed. ... Whoever decided on that was absolutely out of line.

Burt Aaronson

We really, really need someone to go forward with this in the county. It's a huge industry. A lot of people are misinformed when they think it doesn't mean much to the whole tax base because it's huge.

Richard Lucas

A society that's misinformed is a dangerous society. The leader that makes decisions based on misinformation is very dangerous.

Laksamana Sukardi

My goal is that if someone's going to annex, then annex for the right reason. Don't annex because you were misinformed or you were scared into annexation.

Donna Davis