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The mining companies have been very frugal with their capital in this boom unlike the past.

Frank Villante

Arizona and Mongolia have in common these large swaths of grasslands that are rapidly disappearing due to the same types of threats, like development and mining.

Greg Gamble

I've been at Rio Tinto for 36 years and it's not a bad time to be in the mining industry.

Leigh Clifford

Individuals inside the diamond mines often experience human rights abuses by actually doing the mining. They're standing in knee-deep water for days at a time.

Mona Cadena

Our growth will come in through our existing clients with increased IT spending. We are also looking at better data mining and increased cross-selling.

Atul Nishar

It provides incentives for mining companies to expand their operations, develop new mines and hire more workers.

George Leaming

The mining itself doesn't create that much dust. It's the trucks driving on dirt roads.

James Shelton

We're the most heavily environmentally regulated mining industry in the world today.

Luke Popovich

Mining equities continued to march higher but overhead resistance is seen in many equities.

Peter Spina

The mining industry is big where you are, but it's very small when it comes to buying power. It's difficult to compete with manufacturers when those markets are huge.

Lewis Wade

If it hadn't been for the mining boom, Australia might be in a recession now.

Tony Pearson

There's a huge amount of work around in infrastructure transport and mining, so you can see them maintaining that order book around A$16 billion.

Brent Mitchell

In many respects, we're fighting the last intelligence war. We have not pursued data mining in the way we should.

John Arquilla

The aggregates industry may end up being like the dolphins getting stuck in the net with the tuna. If they amend the (Mine Safety) Act, I don't see how they are going to differentiate between the different categories of mining.

Adele Abrams

States with the strongest demand for labor are also those which are experiencing a lift in economic activity from the mining boom and the associated strong investment in new productive capacity and infrastructure.

Tony Pearson

It should be able to raise mining efficiency by some 20 percent and reduce the risks to miners.

Liu Zhenjian

Commodity prices have come off (recently) and there is a perception (in the market) that mining companies have run a bit far and a bit fast.

John Clemmow

We believe this capital cycle in mining equipment is different from those in the past two decades, specifically in length and strength.

John Hanson

The household sector has really gone into its shell. We do expect to see new capacity come on stream in the mining sector, and that should support exports.

Brian Redican

If we accept the permit, we would have to shut down the mine. Why would we want to do that? We can't operate without mining.

John Petterson