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69 quotes about mining follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorites!

The mining companies have been very frugal with their capital in this boom unlike the past.

Frank Villante

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The outcome we're after is Pennsylvania mining families know that when their loved ones go into this tough, dangerous business that at least their maps are dependable.

Mark Schweiker

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Individuals inside the diamond mines often experience human rights abuses by actually doing the mining. They're standing in knee-deep water for days at a time.

Mona Cadena

The Great Northwest Mining & Doo-Wop Co.

John Driscoll

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It provides incentives for mining companies to expand their operations, develop new mines and hire more workers.

George Leaming

The news is not good. The soil health of the African continent is in decline and there is significant mining of nutrients.

Amit Roy

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We're the most heavily environmentally regulated mining industry in the world today.

Luke Popovich

I believe many of you are aware of the use of modern biotechnology in the fields of medicine, agriculture, mining and energy as well as industry.

Peter Siele

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Mining equities continued to march higher but overhead resistance is seen in many equities.

Peter Spina

In the mining sector, we do see consolidation going ahead. Some of the zinc producers, given the supply and dynamics may look attractive.

Atul Lele

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There's a huge amount of work around in infrastructure transport and mining, so you can see them maintaining that order book around A$16 billion.

Brent Mitchell

I think they appreciate that; our modern mining industry sometimes faces a lot of anti-mining bias based on things that were done in the past.

Tom Rathbun

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The aggregates industry may end up being like the dolphins getting stuck in the net with the tuna. If they amend the (Mine Safety) Act, I don't see how they are going to differentiate between the different categories of mining.

Adele Abrams

Data mining creates dossiers on people.

Larry Frankel

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It should be able to raise mining efficiency by some 20 percent and reduce the risks to miners.

Liu Zhenjian

The economic benefits of mining are not sustainable.

Ted Gartner

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It is something that we should be able to release very very soon. We owe it to the people who need to make a long-term investment in mining in this country.

Trevor Manuel

We believe this capital cycle in mining equipment is different from those in the past two decades, specifically in length and strength.

John Hanson

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If we accept the permit, we would have to shut down the mine. Why would we want to do that? We can't operate without mining.

John Petterson

The program takes the control of mercury emissions from precious metals mining to a new level.

Leo Drozdoff

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