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The metal boxes will have keys and be located on side streets. It is a matter of safety with our carriers.

Debra Mitchell

I like to put on hardcore when I have to clean my apartment, which I hate to do, but it's motivational. I like old heavy metal when I'm outside working on my car. Music has definite functions for me.

Peter Steele

You want a vehicle that's going to crash and crumple in a controlled way, so you don't get a lot of sharp metal intruding into the car.

Julie Rochman

It's the effect of metal prices. There's been a big move since late last year.

Chuck Bradford

I hope to find anything that might show me where cemetery is located. Something that might look like a grave or a metal stake in the ground, anything that would identify where these people are buried.

Jennifer Baker

Everyone wants to pretend their cock is big and metal is the medium, but ultimately it's about the songs.

Ville Valo

The advantage to [metal implants] is that they're sterile. But the disadvantage is they don't remodel over time.

Keay Nakae

I was very limited in what I could do with flying saucers, because they're just a metal disc. I had to try and put character in as if they were intelligently guided.

Ray Harryhausen

The NAND market has claimed its first victim. The only way to compete in the NAND market is to put the pedal to the metal.

Jim Handy

In this era of world leadership, the metal detector is the altar and the minicam may be god.

Hugh Sidey

We are buying a special grade of metal for which there is limited manufacturing capacity and that capacity is full.

Tom Jessup

Anytime you have fertilizer around metal, rust is going to be an issue. The way I see it, the planter we just bought should be around for as long as I care to farm.

Blake Heller

We have another investigator who will come from Ohio and who is familiar with this kind of metal chimney. There are some electrical relays in the big silo area, but [the evidence] doesn't draw us there.

Michael Fitting

Hubert: "Hey Dad - bite my shiny metal ass!"Professor: "What? Such an activity would be most uncomfortable for both of us".


The acquisition of the copper mine at a time when metal prices are rising will benefit the company.

Yoshihisa Miyamoto

He was a wordsmith. A blacksmith works with metal, he worked with words.

Bruce Bennett

The outside of the church looks pretty good, but when you get on the inside it's pretty much molten metal.

Tom Akehurst

(It's) like I've got a shotgun in my mouth, with my finger on the trigger, and I like the taste of gun metal.

Robert Downey, Jr.

That's the real growth area. There's only so much more you can do in bending sheet metal.

Tom Tremont

In L.A., nobody touches you. We're always behind this metal and glass.

Brendan Fraser