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56 mentor quotes follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorites!

The people in the group were so knowledgeable and eager to share information or mentor each other. I learned so much about how to run my business from this group.

Carolyn Millenson

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It's obviously been a difficult day for me. Not only have I lost a great friend and mentor, but the game of basketball has lost one of its true pioneers. She not only made a huge difference in my life, but in the life of everyone associated with women's basketball.

Pokey Chatman

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Kids that do well often have more connections than kids who didn't have connections. Sometimes it's just an email mentor to bounce ideas off of.

Jeanne Chowning

My mentor is more than willing to help me.

Amanda Baker

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Now we got their expertise coming to us and we're being able to say can you come in can you work with us, can you mentor, can you be a buddy, can you work hand in hand, can you tell me how to be a better teacher.

Lynn Williams

That stands out as one of my proudest moments because he was my idol and my mentor.

Catherine Hayden

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Andrew Walter was a great mentor. He rubbed off really well on Sam. (Sam) comes in the huddle and he is so poised and you can just see in his eyes he knows what he wants to get done.

Jamaal Lewis

It makes it even more special to accomplish this competing against your mentor and against someone who laid such a strong foundation for Cal State Fullerton.

George Horton

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We are trying to create the idea that you mentor across cultures. Culture doesn't know boundaries. Art is the one thing that crosses every boundary, every border, back and forth.

Ariel Dorfman

The experience has turned my writing from memoir to mentor.

Joan Anderson

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We know we can still count on him to help us in our efforts to build and strengthen Canadian swimming as an ambassador and as a mentor to young athletes.

Pierre Lafontaine

We wanted an individual with experience in the game who could serve as a mentor. On top of that, he's a first-class individual who knows how much baseball means to the area.

Chris Goodell

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It is a sad time in our little town. He was our doctor, our mentor and our friend.

Mary Winter

If I had a mentor as far as a tournament director, I'd say it was Betsy Rawls.

Bill Wheeler

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Be Your Own Mentor: Strategies from Top Women on the Secrets of Success.

Sheila Wellington

I've always wanted to open up a baseball facility and be a mentor to kids.

Wayne Gomes

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I always feel lost when he's not there. I need someone to direct me and push me and then hold me back when I'm doing too much. It's nice to be back and have a mentor there to help me out.

Vicky Gill

The students would not only get help with the FCAT they will also get a mentor who will listen and respect them, a true friend.

Aja Watkins

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He's been a great mentor to me. Every step I take I always give him a call and ask him for his advice. We're going to continue that same relationship.

James Willis

The kids are nervous and the mentor is nervous, because they are meeting someone they don't know who is theoretically going to be important in their lives.

Janet Trinkaus

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