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Happiness? A good cigar, a good meal, a good cigar and a good woman - or a bad woman; it depends on how much happiness you can handle.

George F. Burns

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People are so happy to have a hot meal, ... Some of the folks haven't had a hot meal in days.

Margaret O'brien

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Even here in Greenville, oftentimes we go to someone to prepare one big meal for the family, as opposed to all the food from the church. That is seeping in and it breaks my heart.

Gayden Metcalfe

It's a pretty good meal for $7.

Helen Shoulders

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Meal ran to theirs (moving averages) but failed, and beans didn't even really get close.

John Kleist

I don't want a whole meal on my handset. I would rather have an information snack.

David Chamberlain

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You didn't have a job half the time and couldn't get a meal for your family to eat. But I'll say this: Today, your salaries are bigger, but the prices eat it all up.

Phil Harding

I call them 'Happy Meal' incentives.

Rebecca Ryan

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It's the Boersma family put into a company. I couldn't ever get out of (the Boersma family home) without having hot apple pie and a big meal, or something.

Dave Morris

I think this is going to do a lot of good for a lot of kids and they will be assured of a healthy meal when they get to school, ... This is a winning situation for everyone.

John Laird

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Meal times are such a focus for Hispanic families.

Todd Hultquist

It sends a very strong message to Wal-Mart that it is not acceptable to work employees 7, 8, 9, 10 hours a day without meal breaks.

Jessica Grant

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A lot of that cooking was done by people not on meal plans. We would like to minimize the number of people who are doing that.

Julie Weber

We've gotten away from the idea of milk with every meal.

Lynda Mezansky

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Families eating a meal together is not in decline. These are positive, reassuring findings.

Christine Bruhn

[By eating fish] you may be replacing a fatty meal like a bacon cheeseburger with something low in fat.

Florence Sheehan

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Of the individuals who have come from Katrina, a lot of them have needed more than just a clean bed and a good meal.

Katie Ford

That's really what drives my life. If it's just cleaning their house, cooking a meal or taking their cat to the vet, somehow I've had a positive impact on their life.

Jamie Mayo

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People in bear country have to make sure to keep all sources of food cleaned up outside their homes. Bears home in on a free meal and they keep coming back.

Stephanie Simek

Bill got us helmets and locks at cost and donated a bicycle pump to Manna Meal.

Beth Marquart

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