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NBC has to be a bit disappointed with numbers for Martha Stewart. They probably hoped it would do a bit better.

Bill Carroll

You might want to read the old clippings about Martha Stewart .

Jan Baran

The audience was not the issue, ... because they did not want to be associated with (Martha Stewart, the persona).

Martin Walker

I want to be the Martha Stewart of the health-food industry — without the jail.

Bobby Frankel

After 200 years, the real Martha Washington can be seen again.

Patricia Brady

We are just pleased that the Republican leadership feels that Martha has the best chance of success in November.

Bill Noyes

Children do take over, but it's fantastic. Although Martha is my last child. I don't bloody want any more - that's it!

Ulrika Jonsson

I think the biggest gift that Mark Burnett has given to this company – and to Martha, too – is making her comfortable with showing all sides of her persona.

Susan Lyne

I think Martha Stewart has been less than candid with us.

Jim Greenwood

I think that Martha Stewart's story continues to change, and I think that's unfortunate.

Jim Greenwood

Everybody is sick of bad news and now they're just immune to it. Martha Stewart -- who cares?

Phil Ruffat

What Martha is trying to bring back is her company. This is the thing she's proudest of in her life. She has been able to go from a catering business to building a really extraordinary, multifaceted company.

Susan Lyne

We do our share of Martha-promoting too.

Kathleen Mitchell

I admire Martha Stewart a lot for the way she has branded herself ... in many different media.

Aliza Sherman

Where is Martha Stewart going to go?

Tai Park

We are looking into whether Martha Stewart violated the conditions of her release.

Chris Stanton

I never thought I'd get a chance to play Martha Stewart again.

Cybill Shepherd

Anyone who knows Martha knows she has a great sense of humor.

Susan Lyne

We e-mailed her (Martha Stewart) and told her she had changed women's lives with entertaining and we feel really passionate about what we do.

Helen Defrance

We will be so happy to have Martha working without restriction at the end of the month.

Elizabeth Estroff