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NBC has to be a bit disappointed with numbers for Martha Stewart. They probably hoped it would do a bit better.

Bill Carroll

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Martha had a very good time.

Gary Allen

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I want to be the Martha Stewart of the health-food industry — without the jail.

Bobby Frankel

Martha will be the first one to come up out of the ground, and hopefully that will be later this fall. The planning committee has been great, and that has helped moving it along.

Mike O'dell

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We are just pleased that the Republican leadership feels that Martha has the best chance of success in November.

Bill Noyes

Martha in jail would be fairly disastrous for the company. She cannot remain on the board of directors as a convicted felon.

Henry Mazurek

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I think the biggest gift that Mark Burnett has given to this company – and to Martha, too – is making her comfortable with showing all sides of her persona.

Susan Lyne

There are a lot of good football players there. His mother [Martha] and I couldn't be more proud of how hard he's worked and the commitment he's made.

Sean Sweeney

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I think that Martha Stewart's story continues to change, and I think that's unfortunate.

Jim Greenwood

It was not the warm and fuzzy experience I expected. There was no interaction between Martha and the rest of us — no autographs, no photo ops, no handshakes.

Karla Hollencamp

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What Martha is trying to bring back is her company. This is the thing she's proudest of in her life. She has been able to go from a catering business to building a really extraordinary, multifaceted company.

Susan Lyne

This is not a classic setting where someone gets barred for conduct as a corporate officer. Everything Martha did was in her private capacity.

John Coffee

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I admire Martha Stewart a lot for the way she has branded herself ... in many different media.

Aliza Sherman

Martha Stewart has been doing this for a long time. I don't think it's a fad.

Corey Ostman

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We are looking into whether Martha Stewart violated the conditions of her release.

Chris Stanton

Home detention is the same thing that Martha Stewart went through.

Tim Pearce

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Anyone who knows Martha knows she has a great sense of humor.

Susan Lyne

He put himself in the scene, doing, saying, everything that the murderer probably did, and the interesting thing about this is, that he also is trying to say Martha was alive.

Mark Fuhrman

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We will be so happy to have Martha working without restriction at the end of the month.

Elizabeth Estroff