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In our time, we have sifted the sands of Mars, we have established a presence there, we have fulfilled a century of dreams!

Carl Sagan

Thou art the Mars of malcontents.

William Shakespeare

If we use the old antiquated systems we've got now, a Mars landing won't happen in my lifetime.

Gordon Cooper

We kind of describe it as living on Mars or something, another planet.

Todd Rutherford

The first step to Mars and beyond is getting back to the Moon.

Scott Horowitz

You need to conquer the moon before you can conquer Mars. And conquering it means more than stepping foot on it.

Bart Gordon

Finally, the Spirit has left the nest and is heading to Mars.

Orlando Figueroa

When its size, both actual and financial, is considered, it would be easy to believe Beagle 2 could not be aiming to accomplish much other than just raise a flag on Mars.

Colin Pillinger

We're very excited about the arrival of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter in a couple of days, but my heart rate is going up for a different reason.

Fuk Li

Mars is the most habitable planet accessible to us. It's not extremely cold or hot. It's possible to imagine human colonies on Mars.

Alfred Mcewen

Establishing research stations on the moon will give us the experience and capabilities to extend to Mars and beyond.

Butler Hine

There is a reasonable hypothesis that there could have been an ancient civilization on Mars, ... At no point has NASA chosen to address this scientifically.

Richard Hoagland

We (Europe) aren't finished with the planets. We're planning to go back to Mars and we're planning also to go to Mercury, one of the most mysterious of planets very close to the Sun.

David Southwood

We hope to identify these mysterious compounds -- compare Venus to Earth and Mars to see how Venus went so badly wrong.

Larry Esposito

This spacecraft will return more data than all previous Mars missions combined.

James Graf

If humans go to Mars and have a similar positioning system there, knowing about ionosphere effects will be important.

Paul Withers

That's Mars. And over there, that is Venus. What a treat - two planets in the same sky.

George Stovall

What kind of world is this that can send machines to Mars and does nothing to stop the killing of a human being?

Jose Saramago

My chances of being PM are about as good as the chances of finding Elvis on Mars, or my being reincarnated as an olive.

Boris Johnson

Zero elevation (or 'sea level') on Mars is essentially the planet's average elevation.

Carol Hughes