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We believe this will be simply a problem for maritime interests.

Martin Nelson

These voyages will lead to greater discoveries regarding marine life and maritime history. There are many secrets held fast by the oceans. They are the last frontiers on Earth.

Jim Saxton

We estimate that this could save perhaps half a day at a maritime port.

Stefaan De Rynck

The purchase will make us stronger in all segments, especially maritime communications.

Scott Hoyt

What you see in that document is the traditional powers exercised by the president at Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

Adm. Richard Gurnon

With those units, it may be the place for a higher-end restaurant. Being across from the Maritime Aquarium makes it a good spot.

Brian Griffin

This ties into the maritime heritage of our country, a piece of our history that has been forgotten.

Michael Overfield

Trying to illegally enter the United States from the maritime domain is inherently dangerous and threatens the lives of all involved.

Chris O'neil

I have been in the maritime industry all my life . . . he is one of the most outstanding guys in terms of his professionalism as a captain and as a human being in terms of his generosity.

Henk Pols