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We believe this will be simply a problem for maritime interests.

Martin Nelson

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(The) other option (is) to use maritime agent/vessel owners' account or buy a very large suitcase!

Dominic Hogan

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The purchase will make us stronger in all segments, especially maritime communications.

Scott Hoyt

It's a good win on the road. Castleton beat probably the best team in the conference (Maine Maritime). Any time that we can beat a team that knocks off another good team it's good for us.

Jamie Beaudoin

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With those units, it may be the place for a higher-end restaurant. Being across from the Maritime Aquarium makes it a good spot.

Brian Griffin

The city is committed to expanding maritime cargo uses on the Brooklyn waterfront.

Janel Patterson

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This ties into the maritime heritage of our country, a piece of our history that has been forgotten.

Michael Overfield

Our heritage, our maritime heritage.

Frank Braynard

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