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It's a disappointing end to the process because residential customers are getting hit by (electricity) increases, telephone increases, gas increases - the customers are losers.

Mike Twomey

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There are two kinds of people in this world: Michael Jackson fans and losers.

Seth Green

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None of us are winners today -- we are all losers.

Gary Baxter

Some of them (Y2K Fund companies) will do well, some won't?but none will be big losers.

Lou Marcoccio

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They're all positioned quite well. There are no losers in this battle.

Ted Levy

Some films could only have been cast in one way: Screen tests were given and the losers got the parts.

Gene Shalit

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You can't make that assumption about 'we' being the losers.

Ron Rash

We tend to favor, as a board, more across-the-board tax cuts and not trying to pick winners and losers.

Farrell Quinlan

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There are no silver medals for losers.

Richard Cornwell

Even the losers get lucky sometimes. Even the losers keep a little bit of pride. They get lucky sometimes.

Tom Petty

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You have clear alternatives. This is new. The question is how far will the candidates go to win, and will the losers accept the results?

Sergio Aguayo

It's obviously creating great interest. It doesn't hurt that they are picking more winners than losers.

Jimmy Vaccaro

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We shouldn't call winners or losers immediately after a debate. Those calls have been useless as a guide to what really matters. . . . What matters is what the press focuses on.

Kathleen Hall Jamieson

They are bad losers, but it is up to the population of Uganda to decide.

Ofwono Opondo

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The tax system is broken, and any kind of reform will involve winners and losers.

Len Burman

We're talking about a market where convention centers are giving their space away. There clearly will be winners and losers.

Heywood Sanders

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Without losers, where would the winners be?

Casey Stengel

The yield-curve flattening has certainly been challenging for banks. The winners and losers will be decided on how well they can generate revenues faster than expenses are growing.

Mark Batty

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A solution will only be found through comprehensive balancing of interests. There must be no winners or losers.

Joschka Fischer

I just know that winners smile and losers say deal. We have to get better.

Larry Chapman

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