10 lockout quotes follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorites!

Gary owes an apology because he started the lockout. He put all of this in motion.

Bob Goodenow

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It's a different team. In the year and a half of the lockout, they made changes.

Ian Laperriere

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The biggest thing is that I've got past the injury. I'm one of the few guys who actually did benefit from the lockout.

Marty Reasoner

We will continue our picketing by all legal means available to us. What about the lockout? Doesn't that constitute abusive behavior by Disney/ABC?

Tom Donahue

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We're saying (this) is a lockout because of retaliation over that no-layoff arbitration that we won.

Chad Caldwell

I think we were close before the lockout, and now, even though we have a bunch of new guys, we?re still close, if not closer to being a championship team.

Simon Gagne

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