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Gary owes an apology because he started the lockout. He put all of this in motion.

Bob Goodenow

The best thing that happened for most of these rookies is the lockout. They got another year to mature away from the NHL. ... It made a huge difference for all of them.

Pierre Maguire

I don't think any fans had really hard feelings. I imagine during the lockout when we weren't playing, they probably didn't have too many good things to say. But they were really positive and said they were glad we came back.

Scott Hartnell

The biggest thing is that I've got past the injury. I'm one of the few guys who actually did benefit from the lockout.

Marty Reasoner

With the Olympics coming up and everything we're trying to do after the lockout, the timing really is awful.

Jason Arnott

We're saying (this) is a lockout because of retaliation over that no-layoff arbitration that we won.

Chad Caldwell

We've been real sensitive, especially coming out of the lockout, that we address all the issues relative to pricing.

Matt West