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Actually, my goal in 2002 was to make the Pro Bowl, ... My goal this season was to be the best defensive lineman in the NFL.

Kris Jenkins

The thing I've noticed is that he's just even-keeled, ... To be a good offensive lineman in this league, you have to be that way. His personality is low key, but he's very confident.

Mark Tauscher

It hurts you as an offensive lineman. You look back and see your quarterback with grass and dirt in his face. That probably was the most frustrating game of my career here.

Jimmy Martin

They didn't care what the coaches said at Tulane. They knew what type of player I was. They knew that I was the top defensive lineman in the state.

Tremell Jack

Their lineman, he didn't come up to block so I just jumped over him.

Michael Boley

I did just enough. I'm not a lineman, I just tried to shield him and let Kevin do what he wanted to do.

Jamie Martin

To me, he's the best defensive lineman in the league. He's extremely quick off the ball. He's extremely good against the run and one of the best tacklers I've ever had.. One-on-one, he's pretty hard to block.

Matt Blokker

It was kind of a joke. Instead of the cheerleader and the lineman, it was the mascot and the lineman.

Jessica Davis

These guys are linemen and I was a lineman. It's as much about pride as anything.

Terry Adkins

Will can not only play two positions, he can play them both extremely well. I'd say he's our best lineman.

Jimmy Martin

It's like feeding a lineman. I can't eat with her. She always has an appetite. I'd be sick.

Chelsea Newton

We figure he's a good defensive lineman with the potential to be a great offensive lineman. He's lost half the time. Everything is new to him.

Jim Michalczik

We probably can't get enough reps in this year, ... I don't know if an offensive lineman has ever said that, but it'll be good for us to get out there and get used to him a little bit.

Grant Williams

And he drives a truck, a $200,000 piece of equipment. It takes about five years to make a lineman, and you can't put just one hat on top of their heads.

Travis Leggett

Our defensive scheme was aimed at protecting our linebackers and keeping Cortez's big lineman away from them.

John Ramunno

One of the Clarksville d-lineman told me to keep it up. He liked the enthusiasm.

Sami Abdulbari

He's probably our best defensive lineman right now as far as consistency in training camp.

Donnie Henderson

Offensive lineman are gold in this league. Offensive lineman and quarterbacks are the hardest players to come by. You have those players and you'll do well.

Jim Darling

They're asking me what it's like being here at the big game. It's almost like the Super Bowl - and that's Tom Brady over there. I'm just an offensive lineman.

Jay Henry

I don't know whether it's really hit me yet. Being the first offensive lineman in the history of the Dallas Cowboys in the Hall of Fame is sort of overwhelming in a lot of ways.

Rayfield Wright