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A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who has never learned to walk.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

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If we will disbelieve everything, because we cannot certainly know all things, we shall do much what as wisely as he who would not use his legs, but sit still and perish, because he had no wings to fly.

John Locke

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If God wanted us to be brave, why did he give us legs?

Marvin Kitman

Kids work on things like dribbling between their legs and behind their backs rather than a 15-foot jumper or free throws. Things that can help you win a game.

David Mcgreal

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You can't get in a bath tub or shower when you can't put weight on your legs.

Angela Moore

There was a time that I thought I was never going to walk again and I got blessed and got my legs back and it's time to give back to somebody else.

Dan Newman

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Now is the time to honor heroes on two and four legs.

Scott Shields

I believe this concept might have legs, four in this case.

Ira Cohen

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She's devastated. They could have cut off both her arms and legs and I don't think she'd be more devastated.

Dan Avenaim

Field conditions weren't exactly great. Slow start, we couldn't find our legs underneath us.

Drew Arsenault

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Those were the old antiquated British forms, and they wanted a more clean American form, ... It really hadn't gotten its sea legs yet because this had never been done anywhere else in the world.

Roger Payne

We had legs of cotton in the first half, but we did what was needed in the second half.

Jean Fernandez

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The women are en pointe with sharp turns, legs up and fast.

Victoria Morgan

He's had some rough outings, and didn't get ideal support. He's got his legs in better shape now. He's a crafty lefty.

Jeremiah Robbins

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Come on, Mac. We're gonna end up looking silly and ineffectual, and for whom? The lady who couldn't keep her legs together?

Donald Sutherland

We're not just going to give this away and run out of town with our tail between our legs.

Mark Spano

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That's the best Cash has played. She's probably starting to get her legs under her.

Pat Coyle

The descriptions of some of the activities would be familiar to anyone familiar with some forms of black magic. They would make little dolls that would represent people. They would cause injury people by, say, twisting the legs of the doll.

Rick Hendricks

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They are not afraid of humans because they also walk on two legs and we don't look that different.

Diego Bock

I know not to take three-pointers or long jumpers when my legs aren't feeling that great.

Tina Thompson

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