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They came up and plugged the holes and really sealed off our lanes.

Barry Sims

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Traffic was, I would say, very affected by the crash, ... All the eastbound lanes were shut down for about an hour.

Tom Ryan

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Just fully widening that road to six lanes is going to help considerably.

Greg Svelund

It doesn't alarm me. It's just too bad that the car-pool lanes continue to be underutilized, for whatever reason.

Ron Roberts

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We got comment from various people that that wasn't what they were talking about in terms of HOT lanes.

Mark Scheibe

Their quickness was too much for us, and they played the passing lanes well.

Jim Tusing

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They get after it. They pick you up full court, and their guards gamble in the passing lanes. That's how they get steals.

Will Blalock

Get the ball down the lanes and hit the pins. It's for the kids.

Marie Zidek

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We weren't attacking. We had lanes to pass, and the next thing we know they are being aggressive. They were getting some steals.

Jeff Marlow

When they double me, it creates driving lanes for Esparza. He's been real aggressive the last two games, and pretty soon they're not going to sag off him as much. That will open things up for me.

Christian Maraker

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It is a very needed thing. We need those turning lanes. It was inevitable. We had to do this.

Debbie Pace

They have a good defense. They force a lot of turnovers by overplaying and getting in the passing lanes. We had our chances, but we just didn't take advantage.

Kevin Gimre

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Our defense played pretty well. The kids did a good job of getting their hands in the passing lanes.

Dr Jim Robertson

We are allowed to use the HOV [High Occupancy Vehicle] lanes.

Heath Kramer

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Throughout the project, there will be two lanes open going into town and one lane open going out of town.

Travis Brickey

It wasn't Daunte. The receivers have to run good routes and give him clear throwing lanes.

Nate Burleson

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Sometimes it could get busy like around 5 o'clock. (I could see how adding extra lanes would help, but not toll roads.

Daniel Robinson

We did a great job. Guys were blocking lanes, and we discouraged them from what they wanted to do.

Brian Boucher

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Defensively, they began to get in the passing lanes. They went from man-to-man to a zone.

Nicole Johnson

We have a lot of huge guys playing on our defense. They're very tall but athletic. That height gives them an opportunity to see the field and fill the lanes.

Ted Wolford

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