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They came up and plugged the holes and really sealed off our lanes.

Barry Sims

He cuts down on their passing lanes.

Lonn Reisman

The bottom line is there will be only three lanes.

Mike Claffey

Just fully widening that road to six lanes is going to help considerably.

Greg Svelund

What most residents are getting right now are the truck lanes of the Internet.

David Olsen

We got comment from various people that that wasn't what they were talking about in terms of HOT lanes.

Mark Scheibe

I just found the line I was comfortable with and stayed with it. I'm left-handed, so the lanes don't change much. It was a good day.

John Flanagan

They get after it. They pick you up full court, and their guards gamble in the passing lanes. That's how they get steals.

Will Blalock

Our crews will be at it all day and night to get the lanes and shoulders cleared and in good shape.

Joe Orlando

We weren't attacking. We had lanes to pass, and the next thing we know they are being aggressive. They were getting some steals.

Jeff Marlow

It was great to go out and execute the way we did, and have fun. We were just trying to play hard, to get into the passing lanes and let our defense create our offense.

Kristen O'neill

It is a very needed thing. We need those turning lanes. It was inevitable. We had to do this.

Debbie Pace

I'd really rather have a four-man front, have a couple ends to go 'sic 'em and have interior guys get in the step-up lanes. We just haven't gotten that yet.

Vic Koenning

Our defense played pretty well. The kids did a good job of getting their hands in the passing lanes.

Dr Jim Robertson

We did a good job of getting in the passing lanes and made some big plays.

Jeff Boogart

Throughout the project, there will be two lanes open going into town and one lane open going out of town.

Travis Brickey

I felt we could cut down on their passing lanes. We didn't get much pressure on them, but the linebacker and ends were really getting their hands up.

Wes Littlefield

Sometimes it could get busy like around 5 o'clock. (I could see how adding extra lanes would help, but not toll roads.

Daniel Robinson

Defensively, their guards get out in the passing lanes, and with Ames in the middle, it makes it tough to go down to the bucket area.

Sam Hayes

Defensively, they began to get in the passing lanes. They went from man-to-man to a zone.

Nicole Johnson