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In another 10 years, lacrosse will be what everybody's kids are playing.

Gary Husmann

Arizona played very well tonight. They wanted to win and played good hard-nosed lacrosse.

Jason Lamb

Although it will be an intense affair, we will all have fun and, in the end, the sport of lacrosse will be victorious.

Gavin Prout

He's a kid who lives and breathes lacrosse. As a sophomore, he brings everybody up with him.

Tom West

There are two times of the year that stir the blood. In the fall, for the hunt, and now for lacrosse.

Oren Lyons, Jr.

I'm extremely pleased with how our first year is going. Before this season, we only had two players who had any lacrosse experience.

Mike Dubbelde

James Reid is also a great attacker. He is a lefty, which is a great thing to have on a lacrosse team.

Scott Found

Growing up in Baltimore, I've always thought of Hopkins as a selective school. The lacrosse championship has definitely added to the appeal.

Laura Gordon

Doug is a natural fit for our team. His broad background as Athletic Director, lacrosse coach and general business experience has allowed us to hit the ground running.

Chris Bulger

I've been there and I've gone through what I am trying to relate to them, as far as what kind of message and doing your all, just things like that, so those are the things that I can gain from lacrosse to give back to the kids.

Ryan Ward

You can't give up 21 goals and expect to win a lacrosse game. Not against the University of Virginia.

John Haus

I'm almost embarrassed to put on a Duke lacrosse jersey now when it used to be the biggest source of pride for me of all time.

Dave Stilley

The boys played well. They did a nice job of playing good lacrosse.

Gerry Holly

I'm a lacrosse player and I'm not rowdy. I was an altar boy, The kids here know the difference between what's on the field and off.

Jack Moran

We're losing players to soccer and lacrosse.

Johnny Bench

Our biggest concern is depth. We have to find enough good lacrosse players to run up and down the field with those really good teams.

Chris Denton

Lacrosse is like one of those diseases that comes through the family and infects everybody. It caught every one of us.

Ted Wolford

It's not too often around here that you find someone with the lacrosse experience he has.

Dean Curtis

You never know, this is the toughest league in lacrosse. There aren't any breathers.

Glenn Thiel

Football, soccer, rugby, lacrosse are going to probably be the priorities from an athletic facility standpoint.

Gary Pruitt