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26 judiciary quotes follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorites!

I think it's an effort to try to gain some credibility by the judiciary in arena in which they've lost so much face. The credibility of the Mexican judiciary is almost nil.

Miguel Tinker Salas

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Croatia can prosecute war crimes and those who committed crimes on the Croatian side, ... Partiality is now excluded. Croatia is implementing the reform of the judiciary.

Stipe Mesic

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Occasionally one feels that an individual politician is trying to browbeat the judiciary, and that is wholly inappropriate.

Lord Carlile

Are we going to demand that they come before the Senate Judiciary Committee and renounce their faith before they become a federal judge?

Jeff Sessions

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Beyond that, as this case could finish up before the judiciary panel, I can make no comment at this stage.

Graham Annesley

I stand before the Court of the Judiciary because I've done my oath. I've kept my oath. I have acknowledged God as the moral foundation of our law.

Roy Moore

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A federal judge did as he was supposed to do and upheld the Constitution. We should be thankful that we have judiciary that will do that.

Michael Newdow

That's where Rehnquist was at his most vocal, ... He was always willing to fight for an independent judiciary.

Carl W. Tobias

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Whether the investigations are civilian or led by the judiciary, the most important thing is for them to be independent, impartial and transparent.

Nicole Choueiry

I am more than happy to have received a unanimous vote from the Judiciary Committee in Augusta.

Audrey Miller

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The BJP believe this meeting could amount to generating a clash between the judiciary and legislature. Such a meeting is inappropriate.

Vk Malhotra

I raised the judiciary issue with Gary Flowers yesterday before the Rocky decision was handed down and we agreed that we need to review it further.

Fraser Neill

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It's a big loss for the judiciary but a bigger loss for kids.

Kevin Burke

Too many Americans don't understand the importance of minority rights and the independent judiciary.

Douglas Abrams

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There have been many customizations that the Judiciary felt (were) needed.

Marsha Kitagawa

My client was arrested following the decision of the French judiciary.

Igor Trunov

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The general feeling in Malaysia ... is that Anwar has been found guilty not because he is guilty, but because the Malaysian judiciary has become ... in the hands of the government.

Kasra Naji