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I think it's an effort to try to gain some credibility by the judiciary in arena in which they've lost so much face. The credibility of the Mexican judiciary is almost nil.

Miguel Tinker Salas

We are not seeking a confrontation with the judiciary. They would have no difficulty with any legislation we might pass.

Lord Falconer

We are under a Constitution, but the Constitution is what the judges say it is, and the judiciary is the safeguard of our property and our liberty and our property under the Constitution.

Charles Evans Hughes

Occasionally one feels that an individual politician is trying to browbeat the judiciary, and that is wholly inappropriate.

Lord Carlile

This case shows clearly that the judiciary, at least at the criminal level, is acting independently of the executive branch. That's positive.

Roby Alampay

Beyond that, as this case could finish up before the judiciary panel, I can make no comment at this stage.

Graham Annesley

A federal judge did as he was supposed to do and upheld the Constitution. We should be thankful that we have judiciary that will do that.

Michael Newdow

A strong signal from the federal judiciary that Georgia has gone too far in impeding the right of citizens to vote.

Tyrone Brooks

Whether the investigations are civilian or led by the judiciary, the most important thing is for them to be independent, impartial and transparent.

Nicole Choueiry

Let the [political forces] guarantee support for the investigation which the judiciary is carrying out to identify those responsible for my husband's death.

Nicola Calipari

The decision reflects the grim reality faced by the judiciary in Egypt.

Nasser Amin

The BJP believe this meeting could amount to generating a clash between the judiciary and legislature. Such a meeting is inappropriate.

Vk Malhotra

The judges are all appointed by the chief executive. How can you say we have an independent judiciary?

Ronny Tong

It's a big loss for the judiciary but a bigger loss for kids.

Kevin Burke

What bothers me is suddenly there's this inherent distrust of the judiciary, ... Suddenly, we're blaming everybody we can blame.

Michael Mccormick

There have been many customizations that the Judiciary felt (were) needed.

Marsha Kitagawa

It really gives the appearance that the judges have to answer to the politicians, and our democracy is set up very clearly to ensure the judiciary is independent from the executive branch.

Susan Mcgrath

The general feeling in Malaysia ... is that Anwar has been found guilty not because he is guilty, but because the Malaysian judiciary has become ... in the hands of the government.

Kasra Naji