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In January, there was a collision of one-time factors working for retailers.

Michelle Bogan

At this point, things couldn't be any better. But, in reality, you don't win pennants in January and February. Reality will set in in another week or two.

Gerry Hunsicker

When we got here, there was only one good bridal fair each year, and that was in January.

Carolayne Holley

I don't think you'll see a strong change one way or another in January or February. Things have been going so well and I think that'll continue.

Larry Parker

It was a funny year. I could have made syrup in January.

Thelma Miner

I'm going to China in January.

Maryjo Tuttle

The notice to appear directs two juveniles to appear before Judge Turner on January 24th at 8 a.m.

Stephanie Spell

We hired well-known NFL agent Reggie Blackwell for the business in January.

Pat Schaumann

We fall in highly competitive post-MFA era that began from January 1, 2005, as we are competing with some giant RMG producing countries including China and India.

Tipu Munshi

We hope that the lessons learned in the January election and the referendum will enable them to perform even better.

Ashraf Qazi

This is a company that people bought and put away. But it was made clear in January that you couldn't do that. There is increased skepticism about eBay.

Scott Kessler

Job changes only used to happen in October or January (after bonuses are paid).

Arun Kejriwal

The straightened bridge effectively eliminates a high accident intersection, Route 1 and Monroe Avenue. Since January 2003, 57 collisions have occurred at this intersection.

Richard Baier

This new January record augurs well for the rest of the calendar year.

Brand Pretorius

Perhaps the market hasn't figured out it's January. The market has a bit of a 2000 hangover.

Maureen Mccarthy

I think he'll be able to do that, if it works out the same way it did in January.

Richard Webster

There's a little bit of a slowing effect in February because of the weather, coming on the heels of a very strong January. Consumer confidence is moderating.

Dan Popowics

These must be distributed to their employees by the 31st of January and they must file with us by the end of the month of February.

Art Ilagan

In January, there often isn't a soul on Main Street.

Diana Buehler

We still have an outstanding issue, the biggest issue has been postponed to January.

Gilles Hallé