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In January, there was a collision of one-time factors working for retailers.

Michelle Bogan

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We have secured one cargo in January, two in February. We are looking to fill one of our two slots in March. That's the arrangement so far.

David Nicholas

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I don't think you'll see a strong change one way or another in January or February. Things have been going so well and I think that'll continue.

Larry Parker

The labor market appears solid heading into 2006, which could have bolstered the confidence reading in January.

Stephen Stanley

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It was a funny year. I could have made syrup in January.

Thelma Miner

What has happened between January 5 and now? I don't know.

Rochelle Barrett

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The notice to appear directs two juveniles to appear before Judge Turner on January 24th at 8 a.m.

Stephanie Spell

The early data for January have been reasonably good.

Sandra Pianalto

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We hope that the lessons learned in the January election and the referendum will enable them to perform even better.

Ashraf Qazi

January was mild and snow free and this is a slap back to reality.

Dave Robinson

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Job changes only used to happen in October or January (after bonuses are paid).

Arun Kejriwal

In January, the weather is cold and people are recovering from the holidays.

Vijay Dandapani

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This new January record augurs well for the rest of the calendar year.

Brand Pretorius

Nothing has changed. His arm is still the same. It's just like it was in January.

Chris Henry

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I think he'll be able to do that, if it works out the same way it did in January.

Richard Webster

Sharks are as tough as those football fans who take their shirts off during games in Chicago in January, only more intelligent.

Dave Barry

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These must be distributed to their employees by the 31st of January and they must file with us by the end of the month of February.

Art Ilagan

Hedge funds continued their strong performance from December into January.

Oliver Schupp

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We still have an outstanding issue, the biggest issue has been postponed to January.

Gilles Hallé

We have been more consistent since January. When we limit our turnovers and play hard, we are not bad.

Mike Riggs

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