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I didn't know anything about this guy but I know he beat Ivan Robinson, who beat Arturo Gatti back in the day. So I took this as if I was fighting a world champion. I always do that. I took him seriously.

Jesus Rodriguez

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Had Ivan hit Mississippi, the storm surges in Mississippi would have been higher than those in Florida.

Todd Davison

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I've never seen devastation so bad. I've been through Andrew, Hugo, Charley, Ivan - this is by far the worst.

Dalton Cunningham

I am delighted that Ivan had a change of heart after all our chats.

Tony Mowbray

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Ivan didn't have renters' insurance. That's why we're looking to the public to help out.

Greg Schwab

Chandeleur Island pretty much was erased by Hurricane Ivan and it was starting to recover.

Gregory Stone

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They both understand their businesses well, but they have different styles. With Ed, what you see is what you get, where Ivan is a more strategic thinker.

Robert Rock

You've had a couple of the worst hurricanes that we've had, Ivan and Katrina, which is probably going to create some problems of disease.

Aaron Parks

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Hurricane Ivan could have had very little impact overall compared to what the cold fronts do every year. It's almost like a cancer that is low grade, but it continues incessantly, and it will only get worse.

Greg Stone

This is newer, fresher comedic turf to be playing on. The fact that Ivan is attached only gives me more confidence.

Peter Liguori

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Ivan, ... is a professional, always.

Bjarne Riis

The market has factored in a lot of damage beforehand, in anticipation that this storm will equal or exceed the damage caused by Ivan. Prices may fall as reports come in.

Carl Neill

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In the tiebreaker, I was up 4-0 and again 5-2, and then came the aces from Ivan. You've got to be careful against guys like him, he serves a couple of aces and he's there again.

Carlos Moya

In 1970, Ivan was filming Foxy Lady. I knew I wasn't going to pass my year so I called him.

Eugene Levy

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