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The hare-brained chatter of irresponsible frivolity.

Benjamin Disraeli

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I am well aware of how precious the Flathead is here in Canada and I am well aware of how precious it is to people in Montana. I am not about to let anything outrageous or irresponsible happen in the Flathead.

Bill Bennett

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An irresponsible use of the public airwaves, as well as a call for the Bush administration to violate the executive order banning assassination.

David Brock

It seems almost irresponsible to be managing money in an area where you think there's no opportunity.

Ross Levin

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That report is sheer fabrication and extremely irresponsible.

Kong Quan

For some reason, everyone is mentioning the less pleasant things ... any assessment is irresponsible - things can go one way or the other.

Shmuel Shapira

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Canada is being irresponsible by allowing so many seals to be killed.

Rebecca Aldworth

To gut our contracts when you don't know what the future fleet plan is going to be is irresponsible.

Tom Wychor

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I think it would be irresponsible to speculate at all that this was some sort of attack.

Glen Mathison

Today, we can see with our own eyes what global warming is doing. In that context it becomes truly irresponsible, if not immoral, for us not to do something.

Joseph Lieberman

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It was hard to say sometimes whether he was being provocative for its own sake or if he was just being drunk and stoned and irresponsible.

Paul Krassner

I think it would be absolutely reckless and irresponsible for anyone to try and break up this company [Microsoft].

Steve Ballmer

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It is irresponsible to link these kind of questions.

Anna Lindh

They don't repeal the death tax for a single American next year, ... They don't repeal the death tax for the next decade. Their very hope is that in the next decade, we will have a Congress that is as fiscally irresponsible as this one.

Lloyd Doggett

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We are not standing up for the contractor. Clearly, we have an irresponsible contractor, and we will take the appropriate sanctions against the contractor.

Joe O'keefe

I think it's totally irresponsible for me, the mayor or the governor to endorse any of these plans.

Dan Onorato

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It would be irresponsible to let them press on.

Georg Grabner

The Israeli government is responsible for the attack because of their crazy and irresponsible policies.

Jibril Rajoub

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It would be irresponsible in this time and age not to talk to our kids about sex.

Katrina Farmer

I think if we override, it's incumbent on us to say where we're going to go. We can't keep throwing it back to him; that's irresponsible.

Councilman Gary Okino

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