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Were you in the invasion?

Johnny Johnson

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He is going to use this trial as his bully pulpit in an effort to put that invasion on trial, ... But it's not really in his client's interest to try to hijack the trial and make it all about U.S. violations of international law.

Michael Scharf

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It's an organized, orchestrated invasion, economic invasion of the United States.

Robert Vasquez

This will be a lot from the '60s, with a little from the late '50s and early '70s. It will have the Motown sound, the British invasion.

David E. Johnson

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Hideous Dream: A Soldier's Memoir of the US Invasion of Haiti.

Stan Goff

It would have been a terribly costly invasion for them and us.

William Amos

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An unconscionable invasion of the family's privacy.

James Hamilton

Most of these people, they're from 25 years (ago), from the first invasion of Russians and some are coming (after) the September 11 disaster.

Iqbal Khan

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It's not just illegal immigration, it's invasion.

Fred Gottshalk

We have neither a congressionally declared war, nor a nation on wartime footing, nor an enemy who has the capacity to destroy us by invasion.

Hodding Carter

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This is ridiculous. This war is not the same, ... It's not a war. It's an invasion on our part, what we did to those innocent citizens in Iraq.

John Francis

Each new generation is a fresh invasion of savages.

Hervey Allen

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We call it 'invasion' because it's not just a concert, it's something that goes on all day for everyone that goes. Stop by when you can, get some free swag, and get excited about the concert, hopefully.

Joe Armenia

To me, it's unethical. I think it's an invasion of privacy and never really needed to use it.

Richard Lopez

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I know it's all public, that anybody can get this information, but it doesn't feel right. It seems like a little bit of an invasion.

John Mendoza

He didn't talk much about it. He wasn't in the invasion (of Normandy), but he walked pretty much across Europe.

Rev. Paul Desch

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