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The decline -- perhaps historic -- of the so-called French model of republican integration.

Michel Wieviorka

Systems integration is our chief concern. After that we care about how its business is going.

Hiroyoshi Nakagawa

In Latin America we are now fully aware that integration is an integral tool, ... should not lead to frustration for anyone.

Alberto Fujimori

We're off to a good start with first quarter results and very good progress on integration activity.

Sprint Nextel Corp

We're quite honestly in the very early stages, It is a very important component of our overall integration.

Linda Ulrey

I think European integration - and this is a must for me - must not be counteracted by nationalist, protectionist measures.

Klaus Liebscher

If that integration is left to the customer, I think that we have failed the customer.

Rajeev Madhavan

We were having a celebration for the integration of the movie theaters when we got word of the bus-burning.

Jim Zwerg

For us to be successful, we need more development in South/South trade and further integration.

Peter Jones

We have simplified our operations and we are harvesting the benefits of completing the integration of all remaining HBC functions.

George Heller

We are focused on the integration of Placer Dome's assets, people and projects.

Vince Borg

Cisco is committed to IPv6, but we're committed to integration, not transition.

Judy Estrin

The first reason for this is to accelerate East Asia's economic integration which is already in the process of happening.

Takeshi Fujimoto

Coach Bryant told us the fact that we didn't have any votes on the East Coast was his fault. We didn't have the integration of other teams.

Jim Fuller

We look forward to capturing integration cost savings since we eliminated the dual head office infrastructures during the first quarter of fiscal 2006.

Jean Coutu

We have a new class of software that really is about information integration.

Janet Perna

Just as XML is taking over integration categories, people will choose ODF.

Arthur Fontaine

LRA is a blueprint for how companies put together an integration strategy.

Christine Martino

Those who believe that pressure for deeper integration in Europe has somehow gone away are wrong.

David Cameron

The integration is having a negative effect on Reebok's sales.

Karim Bertoni