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We try to help each installation we visit.

Raymond Harris

Miscreants dug up the ground to put explosives on top of the installation. They blew up a two-and-a-half foot (75 cm) piece of the pipeline.

Arif Tareen

What makes this installation so complicated.

Peter Reed

We can't let down our guard, ... The motive of these particular individuals remains unclear. However, my greatest concern is that they were able to gain access to the installation at all.

Robin Hayes

I was particularly pleased to hear the chairman recognize the economic impact on the community was exacerbated by the rural installation Ellsworth is.

Stephanie Herseth

In four years, the installation that is going to happen in India is monumental.

Henry Gilchrist

I am a factory rep. I call on flooring retailers, marketing carpet, area rugs, pad and installation supplies.

Scott Lemminger

A significant number of these were damaged. Some of our guys and gals didn't exactly know how to install them and damaged them during installation.

Wes Johnson

Miscreants dug up the ground to put explosives on top of the installation. They blew up a 75cm piece of the pipeline.

Arif Tareen

The first thing we looked at was the installation process.

Dan Bellack

Really, the most important thing you want to talk to them about is the installation because even great carpet installed not very well isn't going to hold up.

Angie Hicks

I learned a lot as far as the overall installation of the track differs from place to place.

Jack Liebau

He hung everything that he had done during the residency on the walls and covered the walls floor-to-ceiling with his drawings, ... So we tried to get the informality and the kind of grandeur of that installation in our installation.

Elisabeth Sussman