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We try to help each installation we visit.

Raymond Harris

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We are escalating our movement. Levin has failed to respond thus far. The installation is an effort to get information out there for students.

Jesse Harris

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We can't let down our guard, ... The motive of these particular individuals remains unclear. However, my greatest concern is that they were able to gain access to the installation at all.

Robin Hayes

We're waiting for the installation to be returned to us because they're being illegally occupied.

Ignacio Trevino

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In four years, the installation that is going to happen in India is monumental.

Henry Gilchrist

It's fair to say that we're aware of consumer concerns on the installation of this software on Sony products. For now we're going to wait for more facts to become available and then evaluate what, if any, action is appropriate.

Paul Bresson

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A significant number of these were damaged. Some of our guys and gals didn't exactly know how to install them and damaged them during installation.

Wes Johnson

But their determination to banish fools foundered ultimately in the installation of absolute idiots.

Basil Bunting

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The first thing we looked at was the installation process.

Dan Bellack

It's got lots of installation.

Mike Smith

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I learned a lot as far as the overall installation of the track differs from place to place.

Jack Liebau

He hung everything that he had done during the residency on the walls and covered the walls floor-to-ceiling with his drawings, ... So we tried to get the informality and the kind of grandeur of that installation in our installation.

Elisabeth Sussman

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