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There is no doubt that Indonesia is a mineral prospective country. The concern here is whether Indonesia is acting quickly enough to capture global exploration spending.

Ray Headifen

We will see if some of the (other) 45 are also from Indonesia.

Adi Susmianto

The objective of the government of Indonesia is for the field to be exploited as soon as possible so we can export the oil and get some money from it.

Rizal Malarangeng

We are trying to boost the number of divers in Indonesia. We will start our campaign in Jakarta.

Agung Jaya

Generally, (Indonesia) is still gradually improving. When we had the positive outlook, we thought it was improving faster.

Ping Chew

In Indonesia we are focusing on the 'basics' of the business to improve productivity from our labor force and better utilization of existing assets.

Terry Davis

The meeting will discuss the bilateral relationship between Iran and Indonesia.

Desra Percaya

They run like a flock. But Korea's very much at the front of the pack and Indonesia and Malaysia are at the back of this one.

William Belchere

We are mindful of the potential tragic consequences of events taking place in Indonesia.

Stanley Fischer

Australia remains a concern due to its size. The consolation is growth from emerging markets in Indonesia, India and Thailand.

Nicholas Yeo

The problem has been building, ... Given the history of capital flight in Indonesia, it's more important to be decisive.

Christopher Wood

This is proof that Indonesia is a good place to invest in and speaking frankly it means that dollars are coming in.

Aburizal Bakrie

The envoy requested Indonesia to help clear up the situation in Palestine to prevent hunger and further deterioration in the country's economy.

Dino Patti Djalal

I don't want India to become a nuclear supplier to Indonesia and the Middle East.

Rep. Rob Andrews

Support the government's policy because this is not just happening to Indonesia, but also other countries.

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

I want freedom. I don't want anything from Indonesia. I just want Indonesia to give us independence. Papuan people want independence through dialogue.

Thom Beanal

In Indonesia, especially in conflict areas, there are groups who regularly hold military-style training sessions.

Ansyaad Mbai

The automotive market in Indonesia declined by 30 pct till the end of last year.

Gunadi Sindhuwinata

The fact that we've now had human cases in Indonesia certainly makes us think again about the possibility we'll see human cases in China.

Peter Cordingley

This boycott will end after the government of Denmark apologizes to the Islamic community in Indonesia and the world.

Amirudin Saud