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Let tears flow of their own accord: their flowing is not inconsistent with inward peace and harmony.


Late-learning, I think, is the desire for learning inconsistent with one's advanced age.


I think it's disingenuous, ... It's inconsistent.

Jon Corzine

To the best of my recollection, there is nothing inconsistent or contradictory in that testimony and what Mr. Clarke has said this week.

Bob Graham

We've been really inconsistent. We've been on a roller-coaster with, basically, every aspect of the game.

Jessica Huerta

We still are very inconsistent on offense, but one thing I can say -- defensively, we're very good right now.

Dave Greenberg

It's easy to see the Vatican is wildly inconsistent.

David Clohessy

This is inconsistent with virtually every shred of scientific evidence we have.

Jacob Smith

Early on they were calling a lot of those touch fouls, but it's inconsistent. They let some guys get away with more than others. And it changes from game to game.

Andre Miller

My numbers haven't been that great this year against left-handers. I've been inconsistent. Maybe that was the deciding factor.

Jason Christiansen

In the first game against Spartanburg, we were very inconsistent. But against Dorman, we moved the ball. We were inside the 20 four times.

Tommy Bobo

We have a chance of being competitive with anybody. Our pitching is solid. Our hitting is a little inconsistent at times, but we're coming around.

Brad Francis

From the onset, we've said it's inconsistent ... There is no security there.

Patrick Kennedy

It's inconsistent that UH pays rent. We've always had a cash surplus every year.

Howard Ikeda

It's inconsistent, if you ask me, ... There's nothing we can do about it.

Colin White

(Consistent defense) is the only way you can win at a high level. We can't be inconsistent at that. They hit a lot of shots in the first half. You have to give them credit for that.

Mark Fox

Irresponsible power is inconsistent with liberty, and must corrupt those who exercise it.

John C. Calhoun

It seems inconsistent with what they've been telling everyone.

Larry Quinn

When we got the victory, everybody was celebrating. But I really wasn't celebrating, because we've got to build from this win. We can't just win and get inconsistent. We have to stay consistent.

Charles Rhodes

He had some phenomenal games and some that weren't so phenomenal. He wasn't as consistent as last year, and we couldn't afford for him to be inconsistent.

Sergio Rouco