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Iraq is a quagmire and has been a humanitarian disaster for the Iraqis. There is no way forward without ending the occupation.

Jean Parker

I'm not a humanitarian, I'm a hell-raiser.

Mother Jones

Currently, we are in a humanitarian emergency. We are one phase away from famine. If it [famine] will happen, it will happen very quickly.

Nick Haan

It was a humanitarian gesture for the benefit of the residents.

James Stover

There is no personal animosity between the migrants and the Coast Guard in general. We try to do it with the highest degree of compassion and humanitarian concern that we can, but ultimately it is a law enforcement mission.

Ron Labrec

This is the worst picture of a humanitarian catastrophe brought on by the NATO bombings.

Nebojsa Vujovic

It is imperative that compassion for the suffering people of Cuba not be lost, and humanitarian exceptions to the U.S. embargo be allowed to go forward.

James Leach

This crisis easily compares with any other humanitarian crisis going on around the world today.

Nick Haan

Our view is that, yes, the humanitarian situation in the North has improved, but not to the extent to which the country can do without humanitarian aid.

Gerald Bourke

The humanitarian situation on the ground is deteriorating rapidly despite the ongoing diplomatic efforts.

Sadako Ogata

She is an unbelievable humanitarian that people can relate to. That's what she's doing coming here, she's helping kids get an education.

Cheri Hurwitz

Our humanitarian efforts are being destroyed on the ground.

Radhia Achouri

Believe me, it will be a disaster from a humanitarian perspective.

Ruud Lubbers

This was the first (advisory support team) mission that flew humanitarian airlift for their country.

Bob May

Let's say since it is a humanitarian product I hope to God that we're not down to that.

Ben R. Lafortune

No one should give the impression that we are just beginning to respond (to the humanitarian needs).

Dr Ruhakana Rugunda

U.S. companies are committed to humanitarian relief and do care as well about improving their image abroad -- especially given the anti-American climate.

Maria Schneider

(Texas) has done the humanitarian deed, ... Texas has the largest contingent of Katrina evacuees -- 300,000. Thank God Texas is big.

Tom Davies

This is a humanitarian gesture.

William Delahunt

They say a humanitarian disaster is looming in the capital unless some kind of cease-fire is arranged and humanitarian supplies can be brought in.

Kris Janowski