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Most of the folks who come, they're not truly homeless. They just don't have much, and some are just lonely.

Gary Hecht

We have a colony of homeless people nearby.

Ben Acohido

Anyone truly homeless and not a street person through drug and alcohol addiction should be given help.

Paul Burke

He was really into technology and trying to connect homeless people to technology.

Georgine Getty

Our house is standing, but it's totally destroyed, ... We're homeless.

David Mason

President Bush delivered on what he promised to do: Addicts, the homeless and the jobless should have access to the best programs available.

Jim Towey

You have kids that are in crisis shelters or staying with a relative because there's been abuse or drug use in the home those kids would be considered homeless.

Paul Cunningham

Chronically homeless means constantly homeless; it means repeatedly homeless.

Linda Lingle

I'm totally committed to not having anyone on the streets. We didn't invite these folks to have them become homeless.

Noreen Shawcross

We feel hopeless and homeless and abused.

Richard Grimes

At some point, animals that are homeless are going to need to have a home.

Suzi Hansen

He was a homeless man, but he came to join hands with us to fight tyranny.

Somsak Kosaisuk

The homeless problem needs to be addressed.

Tom Cody

Groups feeding the homeless at the Downtown Plaza has had unintended consequences. There are so many folks clustered in downtown - it's becoming a crisis.

City Manager Russ Blackburn

[Richard Knight is homeless. He doesn't agree.] There's nothing I can do about this, ... I'm on hold and that's the most frustrating of all.

Richard Knight

They are afraid. The only [common] factor is that [the victims] are homeless.

Cheryl Molinet

It's just so tragic and so sad to hear about these two apparently homeless men who have died outdoors.

Patrick Markee

There is a significant homeless and chemically dependent population that we will have to assist in transitioning from that (East Village) area.

Frank Ellis

He broke into my building last night and we put him out because he was homeless.

Shirley Brown

Which is extremely poor, the homeless.

Cindy Jolley