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Most of the folks who come, they're not truly homeless. They just don't have much, and some are just lonely.

Gary Hecht

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It's great for the community to provide so much for the homeless.

Jason Clark

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He was really into technology and trying to connect homeless people to technology.

Georgine Getty

She would go to McDonald's and give it out to homeless people.

Marina Daniels

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Our house is standing, but it's totally destroyed, ... We're homeless.

David Mason

I used to be homeless, too. I know a little bit about what you're going through.

Doug Stringer

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Chronically homeless means constantly homeless; it means repeatedly homeless.

Linda Lingle

We try our best not to make this place look like a homeless shelter, and projects like this are a great help.

Ryan Dowd

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But it's them that are so good. That's what this business is all about -- it's people from the ground up. It's the homeless to Bay St. bankers.

Dean Lynden

We feel hopeless and homeless and abused.

Richard Grimes

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He was a homeless man, but he came to join hands with us to fight tyranny.

Somsak Kosaisuk

It's really clouding the issue here. It's not an anti-homeless thing.

Frank Furtaw

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The homeless problem needs to be addressed.

Tom Cody

We have come dangerously close to accepting the homeless situation as a problem that we just can't solve.

Linda Lingle

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They are afraid. The only [common] factor is that [the victims] are homeless.

Cheryl Molinet

If you were calling me and you were homeless and you were asking me where could you sleep tonight, I wouldn't know for sure.

Paul Brindel

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There is a significant homeless and chemically dependent population that we will have to assist in transitioning from that (East Village) area.

Frank Ellis

The real boss and director of flight operations is 'Gus,' our formerly homeless shepherd-mix dog.

Jim Barclay

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Which is extremely poor, the homeless.

Cindy Jolley

Even if someone doesn't have birth or health records we enroll them, ... Everybody is doing everything they can to support these evacuees because they are homeless.

Bob Hayes

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