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Some of us are married. Some of us got fat, got skinny. Some of us have our hair. Some of us lost our hair. It's just good to see the guys. That's the highlight.

Doug Chapman

The highlight of the March quarter was clearly the performance of our studio.

Tom Staggs

We do just a simple highlight for her at this point but then we use a hairpiece to change the look.

Jennifer Sky

The highlight is that it was solid.

Ron Nehring

A sale of the hotels would highlight the value of Ladbrokes.

Barry Dixon

I would have to say News Radio is the highlight of my career. I love the character so much.

Stephen Root

This is definitely the highlight for me so far (in my career) because it's the first final I've won.

Adam Hunter

She loved her two sons more than anything in this world, ... They were the highlight of her life.

Kevin Clark

We've enhanced that so you can highlight relationships, annotate and color-code things.

Ryan Rosenberg

I'd like to have another highlight game like that. It'd be big for us.

Paul Duren

The ice skating for me was definitely a highlight. And to see all those kids out there with baseballs and so excited and ready to have them signed was great.

Jason Bartlett

He was amazing. He had some big-time, highlight-reel materials in those returns.

Kurt Weinberg

They're missing their chance to highlight their most popular players.

Neil Schwartz

District was another highlight because we got a couple people through to state.

Matt Hammons

This campaign aims to highlight the consequences of making excuses rather than trying to quit.

Glenn Mitchell

You hear the U.S. being called and you feel a sense of pride, and that definitely was a highlight.

Ryan Shimabukuro

We're going to cover the killings, but not highlight them on the front page. We're in the middle of a war here, and we need to be more careful.

Ramon Cantu Deandar

But the highlight of the game can't be the second play.

Richard Sanchez

Every day after the accident I went to the hospital. It was the biggest highlight of the day to see how much better the girls were.

Sara Carrigan

That was the highlight of my day.

Howard Palmer