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He's a balanced gorgeous horse. He looks just like Forestry.

Frank Taylor

I am beautiful, famous and gorgeous.

Anna Kournikova

Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead.

Lucille Ball

It's just absolutely gorgeous.

Kelly Klein

It was out of season, but who knows? It's gorgeous.

Maureen Cross

Yep, it is gorgeous. It is not that cold and got out of the city anyway, you know.

Jim Solomon

It's just awe-inspiring country. It was just a place that was so gorgeous that you did everything you could to enjoy it.

Juanita Longwell

This is phenomenal. It's not what you would expect, at all. It's gorgeous.

Sandra Young

That first goal ? that was gorgeous.

Mark Drown

The kitchen is ..., ... I don't know how you're gonna print that, but it's gorgeous.

Johnny Hardesty

My dad asks if I'm safe, and I send him pictures of all these gorgeous men with guns and body armor.

Jessica Lloyd Hales

I'm up against these crazy gorgeous women and look who got (the prize). This is another goodie for me.

Doris Roberts

Hot Diamonds is a gorgeous product. I am a huge fan of its versatility.

Grace Kelly

I was amazed. Everything was black. Ten months from now, it's going to be gorgeous out there.

Josh Henderson

You can see the photos are great. It's absolutely beautiful. She looks drop-dead gorgeous. He looks incredible.

Sean Patterson

He was great. It was a pleasure to see that ball coming out of his hand and into my mitt. It was gorgeous.

Miguel Ojeda

It's a cheap date and [students] will have a wonderful time. The set and costumes are gorgeous, and students will enjoy the humor.

Whitney Rydbeck

It's a gorgeous plant, host to butterflies.

Kari Ruder

From the outside, it looks fine. It's strikingly gorgeous. But that's what is deceiving about it.

Lois Perrin

I'd like to stay here for a few days. It's so gorgeous.

Nancy O'dell