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I need your (the community) help to make this event a successful fundraising night.

Austin Weinerman

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It's a simple way for us to do a lot of fundraising without exerting a lot of energy and adding to administrative costs.

Dani Johnson

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If the issues remain clouded because of the IFC, I find it very difficult to understand how fundraising is to continue.

Lee Ielpi

We feel it should be for community use, for meetings and fundraising.

John Thompson

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Some people have the perception that the Y has deep pockets. That's not so. We depend on fundraising to build our new facilities.

Phil Newman

Now, we've also got new major fundraising efforts.

Jim Ford

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It was a distraction and cost us in fundraising, but it's what I believe in.

Marc Holtzman

I extend a large debt of gratitude to all those that have helped us with donations and fundraising.

Keith Reynolds

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The economy is always the most important thing in terms of fundraising.

Stacy Palmer

It was a challenging fundraising quarter for us.

Ray Young

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I wanted everything to be in line so we could move forward with the fundraising and restoration.

David Paul

They're in a fundraising mode right now.

David Jacobs

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We are certainly expecting to see new fundraising records set this election cycle.

Charlie Smithson

We still have to get our message out, but fundraising will not be as active.

Kevin Faulconer

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They do their own fundraising and pick their own charities.

Barbara Erickson

We're doing fundraising, providing food, housing clothing, whatever she needs.

Bonnie Adams

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There is a sense of urgency with our fundraising right now.

Katie Roche

They did a little fundraising, but not for the tour. They raised money to buy their own uniforms.

Leonie Moore

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The degree to which the fundraising has not been competitive is obviously troublesome.

Vic Fazio