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The first condition of understanding a foreign country is to smell it.

Rudyard Kipling

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It is like our foreign policy has attention deficit disorder.

Tim Ryan

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I certainly think the foreign link is a very important link to look at.

Charles Clarke

It reduces the dependency on foreign oil and it supports what they grow.

Tom Mccartney

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It's not affordable for China to continue to absorb such a huge increase in foreign exchange reserves.

Yu Yongding

Nobody felt that they were threatened by foreign terrorists until Sept. 11.

Mark Jenkins

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When you travel, remember that a foreign country is not designed to make you comfortable. It is designed to make its own people comfortable.

Clifton Fadiman

I blame the government. We're more dependent on foreign oil than we ever were and I blame (President) Bush for that.

Wayne Parker

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If the foreign talent cannot get into the United States or faces considerable delays in doing so, companies are in effect forced to go overseas to get it.

Richard Florida

If you wish to avoid foreign collision, you had better abandon the ocean.

Henry Clay

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All of these things are what foreign competitive institutions are good at and what Chinese institutions lack.

Stephen Green

Our best presidents have really combined domestic leadership with heroic achievements in foreign affairs or war.

Allan Lichtman

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I wanted to create an atmosphere which was foreign, which was exciting to people, which was authentic.

Yis Gigay

Our foreign exchange policy remains unchanged. Beyond that, I will not comment.

Haruhiko Kuroda

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We are attracting foreign funds as money is cheaper abroad than here.

Rodrigo Vilaça

Foreign countries should trust us, because we have preserved democratic rule without any bloodshed in a time of crisis and chaos.

Chidchai Vanasathidya

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Without a further [dollar] decline, U.S. net foreign indebtedness and the federal debt burden threaten to become overwhelming.

Jim O'neill

Our doors are always open for foreign investors.

Dr. Sanjay K. Jha

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Being hungry is something you get very used to in the French Foreign Legion.

Jaime Salazar

If there is a silver lining in this awful cloud, it's that it's reminded Americans how vulnerable we are and why we have to end our dangerous addiction to foreign oil.

David Goldstein

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