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He was a little frustrated with the efforts of the firefighters.

Jim Flaherty

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It's a very old agreement. It was made in the days when firefighters would respond to one or two calls a day.

Mayor Morris Vance

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We have a large group of firefighters eagerly awaiting the precipitation we've been promised.

Mark Brady

They thought he might be inside but there was so much fire that the firefighters had to back out.

Orlando Dominguez

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They're actually going to relieve some of the New Orleans firefighters who have been on duty since the storm hit.

Pete Piringer

Firefighters are cutting through the metal to free some people.

Luigi Irdi

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There's a breakdown. We've got firefighters still trapped in New Orleans.

Harold Schaitberger

Fire Commissioner (Charles) Wilson has an open checkbook to ensure the safety of the residents of the City of Detroit and his firefighters.

Richard Stein

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The firefighters are telling us that they are actually disgusted at the way the FBU has made these statements.

Mark Yates

In this case, firefighters were just one aspect of it. There were a lot of agencies there giving assistance in one way or another.

Ray Yeakley

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You will not see a firefighter holding my sign. You will not see my signs on a firefighter's lawn.

Anthony O'brien

The evacuation order has been lifted now that firefighters have gotten the fire to 65 percent containment.

Jason Martin

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It's the hope of all firefighters that there are people still in there.

Lou Angeli

Firefighters are checking if there is any damage to the facility.

Naoki Kumagai

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Basically, they delayed it by not allowing the firefighters to get on in and get into the complex.

Gilbert Bennett

It's vital we be ready with additional firefighters should the need arise.

John Kitzhaber

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They didn't abandon their duty. This is the call of firefighters everywhere. Every call you answer can be your last.

Jim Lee

The firefighters are telling us they are disgusted at the way the FBU has made these statements.

Mark Yates

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There's areas that are just not safe for firefighters to go in, areas that are dangerous even on a good day.

Stephen Miller

It was nice to be able to thank [the firefighters] and see them in a calm situation.

Jill Seltzer

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