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Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire called conscience.

George Washington

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Yesterday is ashes; tomorrow wood. Only today the fire shines brightly.

Eskimo Proverb

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I love the deep quiet in which I live and grow against the world and harvest what they cannot take from me by fire or sword.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We don't negotiate the deal. We're just the matchmakers.

Lou Angeli

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Zeal without knowledge is fire without light.

Thomas Henry Huxley

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

William Shakespeare

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Tell Wind and Fire where to stop but don't tell me.

Charles Dickens

I will follow the right side even to the fire, but excluding the fire if I can.

Michel de Montaigne

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When one burns one's bridges, what a very nice fire it makes.

Dylan Thomas

Love is the only fire that is hot enough to melt the iron obstinacy of a creatures' will.

Alexander Maclaren

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We came when the airport called to tell us to move the cars. But the fire came up too fast.

Tim Foskett

We do not know how the fire started. It broke out in the passenger accommodation. We don't know exactly where it started.

Julie Benson

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They're playing with fire and it looks like they're going to get their fingers burned.

Gary Ross

It's all in how you run, it's not how big you are. If you run down low to the ground and with some fire, you can get it done.

Ryan Moats

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I think one of these days they're going to be like fire extinguishers.

Diane Ferguson

He's been a terrific player for us. He's always around the ball, and you have to be playing with some fire to get 18 rebounds.

Bill Dreikosen

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They can fail to function properly, which can lead to a fire or explosion.

Jeff Berino

It certainly lit our fire a little bit. It certainly made us appreciate what we have.

David Draiman

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Had I known that, it would have added fire to my indignation.

Kathy Collins

We donated it to a church and had it fixed up, but we don't know what happened to it. I didn't even know it caught on fire.

Gladys Bettis

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