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We will continue to educate and fine-tune and provide Washington with feedback as we go.

Johnny Whitaker

We have yearly grassroots efforts where we get feedback. That is how we know what we're doing.

Joe Clemente

We've talked to Camp and four aldermen and got positive feedback.

Stephen Horn

We're excited about getting that kind of feedback because it gives us some kind of direction.

Todd Redenius

When your stock goes up 11 percent on that, I would say the feedback is very positive.

Rob Mcewen

It's a feedback loop. The warmer it gets, the faster it is happening.

Guy Kirk

We always welcome the feedback and the level of interest.

Rich Dalrymple

The letters called for better feedback and to make our voice heard.

James Touchton

We really would like to get some feedback from consumers.

Dave Riggins

The feedback that we're getting is that people are just blown away by this ride.

Nick Guevel

This is feedback from the field.

Ahmed Khan

We've gotten very, very positive feedback on this facility.

Carl Defebo

The CTP of Expression Interactive Designer is more akin to an alpha than beta in that it's not feature-complete; it's very much still being developed. We're looking for broader feedback.

Forrest Key

There were a lot of ideas, maybe even some we had not considered. It was good to get that feedback.

Dana Hartley

I've checked on customer feedback. It's some of the most positive I've ever heard in all my years of talking to customers.

Donovan Gow

It's horrible when you're giving a microphone a blowjob and it's giving you negative feedback.

Ville Valo

We get so much positive feedback from the regulars that come here, who just say, .

Tom White

That's the feedback we've been getting.

David Rae

We'll collect feedback from that to see what our next steps should be.

Charles Giancarlo

Overall our feedback has been good. We're hopeful.

Dr. Lori Bastian