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NAC is an ecosystem; it's not a particular set of technologies.

Robert Whiteley

It's one of the examples that really shows the close connection between the health of an aquatic ecosystem and community and the people that depend on the ecosystem.

Sandra Postel

Pound for pound, this is clearly the toughest, most going concern in the ecosystem, in the region.

Doug Chadwick

It's pretty exciting. It's a beautiful animal, an apex predator that's part of the ecosystem.

John Naughton

Any time you introduce a new species into an ecosystem, there will be disruption, but we don't know what that disruption will be.

Dan Tredinnick

It's easier to keep living trees in the ecosystem.

Helge May

The marine ecosystem is shifting north dramatically.

James Overland

You need to avoid any one entity having too much control over the ecosystem.

John Palfrey

As old chemicals are taken out of use, new ones pop up. Often we don't know if the new substitutes will harm the ecosystem.

Peggy Krahn

The market will explode if that happens. Today, if you are buying a device, you are buying into an ecosystem.

Peter Chane

Marc understands the Internet ecosystem better than anyone I know.

Danny Rimer

We are continuing our progress in developing an ecosystem of partners to bring IPTV to consumers.

Ed Graczyk