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NAC is an ecosystem; it's not a particular set of technologies.

Robert Whiteley

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These are species no one really cares about, but they play a key role in the ecosystem.

Jennifer Devine

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It's pretty exciting. It's a beautiful animal, an apex predator that's part of the ecosystem.

John Naughton

You can build an entire ecosystem out of Linux and open source.

Jean Bozman

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It's easier to keep living trees in the ecosystem.

Helge May

This is an ecosystem that has received very little attention.

George Schaller

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You need to avoid any one entity having too much control over the ecosystem.

John Palfrey

Every ecosystem on the planet is under threat of catastrophic collapse, and if we don't begin to acknowledge and solve them, then we will go down.

John Liu

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The market will explode if that happens. Today, if you are buying a device, you are buying into an ecosystem.

Peter Chane

Commercial fishermen took millions of these crabs out of the Delaware Bay with no regard to the consequences to the ecosystem.

Perry Plumart

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We are continuing our progress in developing an ecosystem of partners to bring IPTV to consumers.

Ed Graczyk