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That donation of land enabled us to have all our diamonds in one place, and the rest is history.

Warren Beville

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As a result of this donation, we are going to be able to complete the laboratories on that floor.

Roy Wilson

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The measure of a life, after all, is not its duration, but its donation.

Corrie Ten Boom

Anyone making a donation to help the victims.

Joe Vitale

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And for those who don't have that, we'll have a donation box where they can give a dollar.

Claudia Corbin

There is no such thing as a free lunch. What did this donation buy?

Andrew Bartlett

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I thank the family for the organ donation. I got my sight back.

Duane Downing

I've been involved with blood donation since the 1980s because there is a critical need.

Donna Reed

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It's getting harder. There are more people competing for that (donation money).

Barb Cox

I'm just glad they're able to use my blood, and I'm helping someone else through the donation and helping myself in the process.

Michael Reese

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I went and saw the principal and asked if I could run a donation center here, ... And on her own, Kim asked the same thing about an hour later.

Chris Knight

We get no government money; we rely on volunteer donation.

Cheryl Linberg

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Even after the appeal had closed there was still the odd donation coming in from members of the community.

Bob Coombes

The donation is seen as a way to build trust in order to better serve both departments.

Quanah Spencer

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We had people come in, make a donation and leave.

Lizz Gagnon

Telemarketers take up to 95 percent of the profit from a donation.

Sandra Miniutti

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Just as soon as we get low another donation comes in. It's funny how that works.

Diane Plotzke

We were blessed with the donation. This is our opportunity to show them how much we appreciate the donation.

Steve Sweeney

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Nobody got paid, it's all donation, it's all going to charity.

Allyson Donnelly

A donation of $7 to cover the cost of getting the boxes to their destinations would also be much appreciated.

Debbie Smith

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