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That donation of land enabled us to have all our diamonds in one place, and the rest is history.

Warren Beville

It's 100 percent a donation to Eddie.

Keith Rogers

It's a huge donation that the vets are giving.

Teri Schweiss

The measure of a life, after all, is not its duration, but its donation.

Corrie Ten Boom

Many of them will get additional amounts because community supporters will make a donation to the students to support them.

Jim Jeffries

And for those who don't have that, we'll have a donation box where they can give a dollar.

Claudia Corbin

It adds up to a substantial amount. We tell them it's a charitable donation.

Christy Fusco

I thank the family for the organ donation. I got my sight back.

Duane Downing

Any help or donation, no matter how small, will be deeply appreciated and is much needed.

Gabriela Forte

It's getting harder. There are more people competing for that (donation money).

Barb Cox

That was the minimum donation for anyone who came.

Linda Mitchell

I went and saw the principal and asked if I could run a donation center here, ... And on her own, Kim asked the same thing about an hour later.

Chris Knight

We usually ask for a donation . . . but it's not necessary. We're there to keep our neighborhoods clean.

Jan Wilson

Even after the appeal had closed there was still the odd donation coming in from members of the community.

Bob Coombes

Financially, I can't send in a donation, ... This can be my way of helping out.

Carol Williams

We had people come in, make a donation and leave.

Lizz Gagnon

I'd like to thank everyone and anyone from my heart for their donation to the cause.

Brad Ward

Just as soon as we get low another donation comes in. It's funny how that works.

Diane Plotzke

We were blessed with the donation. This is our opportunity to show them how much we appreciate the donation.

Steve Sweeney

Nobody got paid, it's all donation, it's all going to charity.

Allyson Donnelly