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It's definitely special. Beating a ranked team, also a team that's been dominant in the Pac-10, would be huge.

Joy Hollingsworth

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He was definitely dominant on the mound today.

Cory White

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The goal is to make it easy to use, Apple has this, but it may not be the dominant player in the future.

Ian Fogg

Everything the Beats stood for was the opposite of the dominant culture today.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

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Andy Barrett was dominant. He knew he had to step up, and that's what he did.

Alex Berg

She really is too dominant now.

Jay Christie

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If I'm shocked about anything, probably the number they came up with in golf is pretty dominant.

Larry Pendleton

The kids really responded. We were really dominant in the first half.

Jim Stagnitta

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I think our defense here is a lot more dominant and more game-changing; that's the biggest difference I see.

Patrick Mannelly

It is the dominant hypothesis at this time, and there's a huge amount of data that supports this.

Harold Nelson

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He's obviously the most dominant pitcher in the American League right now. He should get it.

Matthew Lecroy

We play the same position, so I really try to mark my game after his, ... He's so dominant at what he does.

Jermaine Williams

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My thing about camp is to come in and be who I am, which is the most dominant player in the game, ... That's who I am, and that's what I'm here for.

Ray Lewis

He's dominant, totally dominant. He comes in and works hard every day.

Teddy Keaton

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Residential conversion has become the dominant factor in the market. Residential values are up so much that anything that can be converted will be.

Warren M. Heller

He's been our most consistent player all year for us. He's a dominant driver.

Ken Flowers

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He was dominant. The leg cradle was there. If you see it there, you go get it and he did.

Jack Cullen

She was dominant out there today for Case. She had command of her pitches and we had the two hits and that was it.

Jim Cabucio

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It wasn't a dominant performance because it went to a decision. I'm very displeased with myself.

Rich Franklin

He's the most dominant player in the game.

Udonis Haslem

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