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No disrespect to Toronto, but you have to win these type of games.

Deshawn Stevenson

There's no disrespect in what they do.

Standing Bear

I actually love it when they disrespect us. It makes me want to come here and cheer even louder.

David Gonzalez

He has expressed his disrespect for the court.

Gerald Harris

This is no disrespect to the neighbors, but this area is going to develop.

Thomas Maul

No disrespect to Dean, but we're playing to win.

Dave Adolph

The world is watching us. Go have fun, absolutely go have fun, but don't disrespect anyone.

Toby Dawson

I mean no disrespect, but ...

Michael Wolff

No disrespect to anyone. I just didn't know where the flag was.

Ray Emery

It shows severe disrespect to us.

Joseph Wu

Disrespect and contempt for our community.

Maxine Waters

He has come back approximately an hour late, even more, ... He has expressed his disrespect for the court.

Gerald Harris

I'm not going to sit here as a member of this council and let you disrespect me!

Karen Cason

This disrespect to our profession is not going to fly.

Patricia Friend

There's a certain level of disrespect on campus toward African-American females.

Erica Howard