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I've always believed in the adage that the secret of eternal youth is arrested development.

Alice Roosevelt Longworth

This is the first major turnaround in development assistance since World War II.

Robert Orr

We understand trends change and so can changes to development.

Jeff Gray

It's going to be a more complete circle. You'll deal with total housing cost and not just housing development.

Barb Anderson

This development is part of a regional transportation solution.

Tim Sampson

The scientific concept of development.

Hu Jintao

RC&D set TLC up back in 2003. We set it up because there's so much development in this area.

Steve Black

They're concerned about this development.

Ruth Baisden

I have no concerns about this project. I wholeheartedly endorse this development.

Beth Williams

That is a very chilling development. And one that everybody is watching with a great deal of care.

Paul Mcmasters

They would make condemnations for economic development purposes almost impossible.

Mary Okoye

We like those who have development capabilities as they can add value.

Olivier Hertoghe

That's what makes a mixed-use development work.

Doug Koelemay

I'm very lucky, Leicester have always been interested in my development.

James Hamilton

We are concerned about development on Hackett Hill, and they're concerned about commercial development around 3A.

Richard Marshall

In my business, you are always looking for development opportunities, so there is really no difference between business and pleasure.

Gary Switzer

We should be development-by-design.

John Keegan

You can't blame them because they are looking after the development of Mindanao.

Francisco Simbajon

This is not a new idea. The development has been much more difficult than most people believed.

William J. Perry

Some people had no idea that they were talking to a developer about a development.

Mariella Smith