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It's, 'We'll give you a little more density if you put in trees or public areas.' That kind of thing.

Jim Pierce

I'm not opposed to growth. My concern is density.

David Humphrey

You don?t have quite the bandwidth requirements, or the density of high-bandwidth customers in one location.

Scott Clavenna

Low bone density is only one of the risk factors for fracture.

Joan Mcgowan

We applied a base density, but if your acquire development rights, you could go above that.

Royce Hanson

In many cases, you can use this to move density away from the neighborhoods. Being able to move something a few blocks can be a big deal.

Chris Zimmerman

We are putting bar codes on all of the high- and low-density electronic media that are classified.

Jim Danneskiold

I have a concern that density may not be as good a fit for Boise.

John Gannon

It's a diversity of high-density.

Dennis Rogers

We can't make this work by transferring density from someplace else. We just can't do it.

Ernie Cox

I oppose any development on the beach that will add density or traffic.

Ed Stanton