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If we don't dredge every year, the cruise ships won't be able to tie up.

Jim Larson

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When you don't have Tom Cruise, you need some help.

Gavin Hood

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There's not much that's attention-grabbing. Tom Cruise has grabbed more attention this summer than the war.

Tom Taylor

You may not be able to afford a cruise, but you can buy yourself a $4 cup of coffee.

Meryl Gardner

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We've seen Tom Cruise do it so thought we should too.

Declan Donnelly

I think it's a miserable way to end a pretty good cruise.

Dr. Sharon Levy

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Whales have two things to do, eat and look for something to eat, ... So they cruise from kelp bed to kelp bed and then move on.

Morris Graves

Last I heard, about 40 cars ... made it for the car-only cruise.

Charlton Young

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She plopped it into my office and said she'd been saving for a cruise but there is no way she could go after all this.

Lee Nelson

We'll go on another vacation like this. We'll book another cruise.

Rick Pankow

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It could be the Coca-Cola Woodward Dream Cruise.

Jay Jennings

Amen, sister, ... All apologies to Tom Cruise.

Libba Bray

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There was no warning, ... She had her cruise control set at 75, then all of the sudden traffic stopped.

Charles Crawford

Every section of this community has a way to celebrate Derby. For young black people, they cruise.

Cynthia Brown

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But he was just cruising, man. He was on cruise control.

Craig Gibson