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If we don't dredge every year, the cruise ships won't be able to tie up.

Jim Larson

Now I can wear heels. (on divorcing Tom Cruise).

Nicole Kidman

Holiday hell is a cruise. Once you're on board, you're trapped!

Jack Higgins

There's not much that's attention-grabbing. Tom Cruise has grabbed more attention this summer than the war.

Tom Taylor

We're definitely not there to go on cruise control. This race has bonus points and that is what we are shooting for.

Michael Petersen

We've seen Tom Cruise do it so thought we should too.

Declan Donnelly

For one thing, it's not hauling luggage on and off. On a cruise, the hotel room comes with you.

Jim Wright

Whales have two things to do, eat and look for something to eat, ... So they cruise from kelp bed to kelp bed and then move on.

Morris Graves

If we did go on a cruise, we'd go on Princess. We were impressed with them.

Beth Bostrom

She plopped it into my office and said she'd been saving for a cruise but there is no way she could go after all this.

Lee Nelson

Well, it's a Tom Cruise baby. What would you expect.

Nina Rioja

It could be the Coca-Cola Woodward Dream Cruise.

Jay Jennings

The cruise (phase) has been very successful.

Bob Berry

There was no warning, ... She had her cruise control set at 75, then all of the sudden traffic stopped.

Charles Crawford

I'm 74, it's time I get out. I want to retire ? go fishing and go on a cruise.

Art Proctor

But he was just cruising, man. He was on cruise control.

Craig Gibson