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Convenience and price will be the factors that will drive this [business].

Ron Cogan

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We are now making the cost and convenience benefits available to businesses too, starting with smaller businesses.

Bill Murphy

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We built eBay Express because we wanted to appeal to the convenience-oriented buyers.

Jamie Iannone

The strongest benefit for us, as always, is going to be the convenience factor.

Tiffani Bruce

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I love the convenience, but the roaming charges are killing me.

Robert Mankoff

People can then use it at their convenience, ultimately, and to go where they want to go.

Nathan Lump

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We're not children here. The law is-how should I put it? A convenience. Or a convenience for some people, and an inconvenience for other people.

Paul Castellano

Safety is more important than convenience.

Don Hambidge

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You have the convenience of one statement, but you're not limited to one company.

Karl Graf

Our 2006 line is focused on connectivity and convenience. Ease-of-use and the ability for consumers to access more content - - as they choose -- are key features of our new line-up.

Jodi Sally

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Simply go to the site and sign-up for a session at your convenience.

Roger Peak

These in-store clinics will offer the customer base a convenience that will fit in with their lifestyle.

Judith Clark

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He did it as a convenience to a friend and has disassociated himself from the group.

Malcolm Hoenlein

That contest was a real challenge. I don't really cook with convenience products.

Karen Tedesco

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Don't sacrifice your political convictions for the convenience of the hour.

Edward M. Kennedy

It's a matter of convenience, but we would be happy to pay for it as well. It would just come out of our regular budget.

Scott Parker

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There is value for the customer in convenience, and they are willing to pay a little premium.

Patrick Duparcq

From a convenience ? and cost standpoint will be very important.

David Glass

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It is for everybody's convenience.

Lionel Weekes

We settled to bring this matter to closure, more as a convenience than as an admission of wrongdoing.

Dennis Williams

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