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My God, he looks like he's beating a chicken.

Byron Nelson

Is there chicken in chick peas?

Helen Adams

Its a chicken-and-egg argument as to which comes first.

Joe Gill

What can I say? Americans love fried chicken.

Harry Balzer

It's not spongy like commodity chicken.

Denis Dronne

You don?t want to eat chicken every day.

Barry Loy

They realize how remote and cold it is and they chicken out and they move.

Delise Denham

The Mexican chicken and worm or whatever it is.

Robert Vasquez

As scientists, we don't want to be Chicken Little and say the sky is falling.

Julia Parrish

He met with everybody down (here) and he had his heart set on the Chicken Ranch.

George Flint

You saw me out there today, ... I was like a chicken with my head cut off.

Lance Schulters

Two Hot Chicks Make Five Hot Chicken Dishes.

Jeanne Lewis

We believe she would have caught it from fresh chicken droppings while she was sweeping.

Thawat Suntrajarn

They've cooked lamb, beef, chicken and pork and they have all been magnificent.

Peter Wards

There's a lot of steak, pasta, and chicken.

Steve Snapp

Wall Street's mentality is that they don't expect much from 'Chicken Little.

Michael Nathanson

It's kinda like which comes first, the chicken or the egg.

Jud Honaker

I have a lot of favorite foods. Boa constrictor, it's one of the best meats. It's better than chicken.

Camille Moute

I'm not there to fix him, give him chicken soup or put a band-aid on.

Kym Bernache

I call this one the chicken.

Sergei Sakhnovski