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My God, he looks like he's beating a chicken.

Byron Nelson

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Oh, it's better than chicken.

Camille Moute

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What can I say? Americans love fried chicken.

Harry Balzer

They insist we eat with them and the pork, chicken and beef dishes is the best I've ever had.

Carol Hughes

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You don?t want to eat chicken every day.

Barry Loy

We're eating Ramen Noodles — chicken and beef — that's what we eat everyday.

Ahmad Griffin

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The Mexican chicken and worm or whatever it is.

Robert Vasquez

Chicken Soup for the Soul ... Stories for a Better World.

Jack Canfield

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He met with everybody down (here) and he had his heart set on the Chicken Ranch.

George Flint

Is this chicken, what I have, or is this fish? I know it's tuna, but it says 'Chicken by the Sea.'

Jessica Simpson

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Two Hot Chicks Make Five Hot Chicken Dishes.

Jeanne Lewis

That's the reason they didn't want my chicken.

Timothy Mcdonald

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They've cooked lamb, beef, chicken and pork and they have all been magnificent.

Peter Wards

It is unclear whether the mutation occurred in the person or whether it occurred in the chicken.

Dr. Anthony Fauci

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Wall Street's mentality is that they don't expect much from 'Chicken Little.

Michael Nathanson

It is a chicken-and-egg question.

Paul Sanberg

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Some sales movement has started. We have been able to restore chicken in the army canteens.

Bharat Tandon

I have a lot of favorite foods. Boa constrictor, it's one of the best meats. It's better than chicken.

Camille Moute

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I call this one the chicken.

Sergei Sakhnovski

The best chicken soup in town.

John Myers

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