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I hate cameras. They are so much more sure than I am about everything.

John Steinbeck

We've already put in two surveillance cameras and gotten ADT [alarm security]. We had to do something.

Santosh Mahey

My family is my ministry, ... I'm gonna raise it up with or without cameras. But I'm excited to do it on MTV.

Reverend Run

There will be different cameras for different applications to do different things.

Brian Andre

It's all for the cameras.

John Feehery

It's very interesting to see what the security cameras can do and how long of a range they have.

Tom Leighton

The cameras have paid off, ... It's like, 'Yeah, you got me.' Well now I've got you.

David Currier

Digital cameras are the future.

David Pogue

We certainly segment the cameras and design them based on the buyers.

Philip Scott

We have cameras all over the place. They're all part of our monitoring system.

John Bray

The DVD burner, plasma screen TVs, digital cameras are the hot picks.

Diane Swonk

The surveillance cameras caught him (Bates) at various locations in the building.

Rick Kaufman

It's a different world when the cameras aren't here.

Grant Wilson

Nobody was there. No cameras. No nothing.

Carter Jordan

The nice part about it is those cameras are on 24 hours a day.

Andrew Brooks