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The camaraderie he and I have built is good. We're pushing each other.

Brian Grant

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I miss the camaraderie and the love we had and above all I miss the humongous paydays.

Michael Spinks

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The camaraderie with the other state police agencies was really one of the fun things that happened back there.

Jim Faria

It keeps the camaraderie between the players.

Ronnie Davis

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It's the thrill. It's the camaraderie. It's the thrill of running over beautiful country.

Cathy Marco

The togetherness, the camaraderie, the chemistry, the charisma: You never saw one of the Beatles by himself.

Pete Best

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I wanted to get that feeling of camaraderie on the day before the game.

Wayne Morgan

I enjoy the camaraderie.

Christine Robinson

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It's a wonderful camaraderie-type thing. I enjoy it so much. I have to limit myself.

Jim Sullivan

It's a lot of fun, and it's good for your health. It's good camaraderie, and we work well together.

Rachel Howard

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