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The space within becomes the reality of the building.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Our students will not be the only ones using this building.

Roy Barnhart

The fundamental architecture and building blocks are right.

Phil Hester

SAP is obsessed in building the best applications software in the world. That includes CRM applications.

Bill Mcdermott

The new (Gateway) building shaded them out.

Marie Jones

No one is more familiar with that building than me.

Ned Hammond

It's a little gem of a building, and we're going to have a use for it that's appropriate.

Alan Suna

What we're doing is building a movement that will transform America.

Angelica Salas

It's very, very important for this building to be here for them to be able to find us.

Tony Torelli

We have to step back and have milestones as we're building the program.

Mel Netzhammer

We really love the old building, so we're going to do all that we can to preserve it.

Karen Kramer

It's a building that we've been watching.

Neill Coleman

The building itself is more a fusion with the landscape.

Martha Thorne

We live in the same building.

Tyrese Gibson

Ideas are the building blocks of ideas.

Jason Zebehazy

This is one of those moments where you wish you had 18,000 seats in the building.

Patrick Laforge

You wonder how extensively the building authorities looked at the stadiums.

Peter Danckert

We've been asked what our single biggest challenge is. I said our single biggest opportunity is building brand awareness.

John Fleming

It's a beautiful building, ... That would free up some of the space in town hall.

Barbara Potter

The building is cool now, but in four to six hours, it can heat up.

Kelly Anderson