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A boy is a magical creature - you can lock him out of your workshop, but you can't lock him out of your heart.

Allan Beck

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Old boys have their playthings as well as young ones; the difference is only in the price.

Benjamin Franklin

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They salute the boys, and my tears start flowing.

Karla Comfort

They should be shot. [on the Backstreet Boys ].

Noel Gallagher

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Boogity, boogity, boogity. Let's play some football, boys.

Darrell Waltrip

I grew up with a lot of boys. I probably have a lot of testosterone for a woman.

Cameron Diaz

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We have a bunch of excellent athletes and I have high hopes for the boys.

Mark Wheeler

It really was a great experience. We really grew here. We were boys when we got here and we grew into young men.

Jason Fraser

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Boys Over Flowers. You won't find many boys reading that.

Liz Clark

There was a disagreement between the boys and their parents, and (the boys) decided to run away.

Cindy Beavers

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God was there. He had his hands all over this and he was able to protect -- to protect my family, to protect my boys, to protect me.

Tom Ardizone

There are two boys' banners in the gym. It's time to have one for the girls.

Kevin Edwards

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It's a big boys' game of capture the flag.

Matthew Clausen

I'm the youngest of six boys so I can deflate a situation pretty quickly.

Shannon Harris

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We just had to handle business. We put up 60 points on these boys.

Bruce Davis

Our goal is to be able to add more boys and broaden our audience over time.

Rich Ross

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Out of all the forwards he's the one the boys have the most respect for.

Luke Taylor

They had boys coming up to them their first day back saying we saw you on TV this weekend.

Robyn Grigoletti

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They're very helpful to these boys in showing there was no rape or sexual assault.

Joe Cheshire

Waiting for the end, boys, waiting for the end.

William Empson

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