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Things have also been slowing down a little in Boston.

David Stiff

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The game is over in Boston, skip.

Tino Martinez

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Scott's the 'go to' guy for Between the Lions. The guys from Boston and New York were blown away by him.

Gene Edwards

What we get is diversification for Boston Scientific and growth, and we get that through CRM. Clearly, CRM is the key asset here.

Paul Laviolette

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I have just returned from Boston. It is the only thing to do if you find yourself up there.

Fred Allen

I would love to come back to Boston.

Alison Bales

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Boston Scientific will not go quietly into the night.

Steve Brozak

Boston has been at the beginning of so many revolutions and this is another one for the sport.

Guy Morse

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It's fun; we've never really played Boston before.

Alan Evans

I only see myself doing this in two places, New York and Boston.

Phil Esposito

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At the end of the day, Boston is going to run out of cash ahead of J&J. Boston's really going to have to go for broke.

Bruce Nudell

The city of Boston needs to do a better job. We need to speed it up.

Rep. Martin Walsh

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We were shocked to find out how popular he was outside of Boston.

Brandon Steiner

Boston has the bats going, but the wild card, I have no idea.

Russ Adams

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I think I just got in that mindset that I want to go to Boston. That's what I want to do, I want to go to Boston.

Lindsay Schrader

You want to keep things in perspective as far as where we want to go. Who doesn't want to be in Boston?

Laura Harper

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You're talking to the best in Hollywood and a lot of the best of Hollywood happens to be from Boston.

Jason Wolfe

She joined the Navy to see the world and landed in Boston.

Mary Moriarty

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He's a Boston kid and well-respected in the Boston area and he was a good player in this league.

Bill Herrion

We're starting up to six flights daily from Dulles to Boston on January 17.

Jenny Dervin

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